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3 Strategies to Turn Social Media Followers Into Customers, ft. Henry Kaminski Jr. (Ep. 179)

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How to Optimize Your Video Ads for Different Platforms, ft. Akvile DeFaZio (Ep. 177)

How to “Spy” on Your Prospects (And Sell to Them Faster) (Ep. 176)

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Discover The Early Adopter IGTV Opportunity (Ep. 172)

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How to Create a Hub and Spoke Content Marketing Strategy, with Mike Huber (Ep. 170)

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Todd’s Speech In Minneapolis: Using Video To Sell Products at Faster Rates (Ep. 168)

How to Get a Ton of Free Publicity Using Newsjacking, with David Meerman Scott (Ep. 167)

How to Turn Customers Into Your Marketing Army, with Jay Baer (Ep. 166)

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How to Turn Your YouTube Audience Attention into Action (Ep. 163)

How to Use Video to Create Your Website’s Best Content, with Rand Fishkin (Ep. 162)

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How Businesses are Adopting Video and the Biggest Trends (Ep. 160)

How to Track Your Prospects and Become an Attention Marketer (Ep. 159)

How to Leverage a Sniper’s Mind to Get Better Results (Ep. 158)

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Learn to Overcome Adversity with Your Online Campaigns (Ep. 155)

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How to do Your Thought Leadership Videos on the Cheap (Ep. 151)

The Stories You’ve Always Wanted to Hear (Ep. 150)

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Remarketing Best Practices for Google and YouTube 2018 (Ep. 148)

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Why You Should Support Free Speech, Especially For People You Disagree With (Ep. 146)

Social Media’s Maturity Moment of Truth Has Arrived (Ep. 145)

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Why Mapping Out Your Video Marketing Campaigns is Critical (Ep. 139)

How Changes at Google, GoPro, and Instagram Impact Digital Marketers (Ep. 138)

Facebook Algorithm Change 2018: What Businesses Need to Know (Ep. 137)

How to Use Video to Set Up Your First Client Meeting (Ep. 136)

How to Use Video in B2B Marketing (Ep. 135)

When To Be Creative vs. When To Execute (Ep. 134)

Why Finalizing Video Proofs on Mobile Devices Is Important in 2018 (Ep.133)

The Smartest Video Marketing Trends in 2018 (Ep. 132)

The Smartest Video Marketing Trends in 2019

How to Never Run Out Of Content Ideas Again, with Mark Traphagen (Ep. 131)

Benefits of Storytelling for Business

What is App-Interconnectivity and How Does It Relieve Your Customer’s Pain? (Ep. 130)

How to Maintain Control of the Sales Process Using Video (Ep. 129)

How to Get 20x More Shares On LinkedIn (Ep. 128)

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The 3 Videos Every Business Needs (Ep. 126)

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How Chobani Used Video Ads To Generate 21.9 Million Views (Ep. 120)

How Shorter Attention Spans Are Changing The Music Industry (And What Digital Marketers Can Learn) (Ep. 119)

How to Use Facebook Ads in Different Stages of the Buying Process, with Steve Hetrick (Ep. 118)

How Video Content Amplification & Paid Media Work Together, with Erik Solan (Ep. 117)

The Three Building Blocks of a Successful Video (Ep. 116)

Why Most Business Videos Fail, and How To Ensure Yours Succeed (Ep. 115)

How Long Does It Take To Make a Video? (Ep. 114)

Why Amazon Might Expand Their Services (And How to Know If You Should Too) (Ep. 113)

How To Use Video In Each Stage of The Buyer's Journey (Ep. 112)

How to Optimize The Most Important Pages of Your Website With Video (Ep. 111)

How Green Screens Hurt Your Overall Production Value (And What To Do Instead) (Ep. 110)

Google vs. YouTube: How to Maximize Video Rankings On Each, with Eric Enge (Ep. 109)

Three Daily Success Rituals That Create Video Marketing Masters (Ep. 108)

The 7 Most Significant Social Platforms for Video Marketers, with Greg Jarboe (Ep. 107)

Selecting the Right Key Performance Indicators for Your Online Video (Ep. 106)

Talk Triggers: How to Turn Your Customers into Raving Advocates for Your Business, with Jay Baer (Ep. 105)

Case Studies: 5 High - ROI Strategies For Your Next Event

LinkedIn’s New Video Feature: What Marketers Need to Know (Ep. 104)

Sales Psychology: How to Maximize Your Potential and Crush Your Quota with Dan Lier (Ep. 103)

How to Double Your Website Engagement (Ep. 102)

They Ask, You Answer: How to Create Content That Drives Sales with Marcus Sheridan (Ep. 101)

Behind the Scenes of Todd’s Career in Talk Radio (Ep. 100)

What Google’s Mobile-First Initiative Means for Your Business (Ep. 98)

How Katy Perry Pushed the Boundaries of Live Video (Ep. 96)

How to Use Music and Sound in Your Business Video (Ep. 95)

How to Avoid a Video Marketing Trainwreck (Ep. 94)

Animation vs. Live Action: Which Is Right For Your Video Goals? (Ep. 93)

Case Studies: 5 Smart Tactics When Selling to Healthcare Providers

Why 3,600+ Stores are Closing in 2017 (Ep. 92)

Lessons Learned from Producing a Video Series with Mark Traphagen (Ep. 91)

What Marketers Can Learn from Generation Z (Ep. 90)

7 Clever Ways to Inject Your Sales Message Into Helpful Content (Ep. 89)

The Power of Intention in Video Marketing (Ep. 88)

How to Use Video in Each of the 5 Organic Traffic Strategies (Ep. 87)

Ep. 86: The Importance of Facebook’s Dwell Time Metric

How to Use Longer Videos to Identify Qualified Prospects (Ep. 85)

What Marketers Can Learn From the End of YouTube Annotations (Ep. 84)

The 5 Types of Videos Every Business Needs (Ep. 83)

Why Justin Trudeau Toured Vidyard’s Headquarters (Ep. 82)

12 Tips for Holding Your Viewer’s Attention on Video (Ep. 81)

Why Facebook and Instagram are Copying Snapchat (Ep. 80)

How to Use Video to Protect Your Business from a Social Media Crisis (Ep. 79)

What You Can Learn from the Rise of Video Streaming (Ep. 78)

Facebook Live Event: How to Accelerate Sales with Video (Ep. 77)

March Madness’s Record-Breaking Livestream (Ep. 76)

Case Study: How to 10x Your Engagement With a Content Series (Ep. 75)

32 Video Marketing Statistics That Matter In 2018

Homepage Sliders: Do They Actually Work?

GoPro goes Mobile — But is it Too Late? (Ep. 74)

9 Killer Content Ideas for Facebook Live Events (Ep. 73)

Twitter Takes Live Video to the Next Level (Ep. 72)

Who Should Lead the Sales Process: Marketing or Sales? (Ep. 71)

What Google’s Algorithm Update Means for Marketers (Ep. 70)

13 Lessons Video Marketers can Learn from Professional Speakers (Ep. 69)

YouTube’s Next Big Business Move (Ep. 68)

How Samsung Is Problem-Solving with Video (ep. 66)

ABM vs. Inbound Marketing: How It Affects Your Video Strategy

What Marketers Need to Know About Video Pre-Production (Ep. 11)

The Dark Side of Video: 5 Critical Mistakes Marketers Make (Ep. 65)

Social Video: How to Use Video Effectively On Social Media (Ep. 64)

How to Increase Demand for Your Product Using Video

How to Promote Your Videos The Right Way (Ep. 61)

Amsterdam, Facebook Live Controversies, and Personalized Video (Ep. 60)

The Value of Testing and Optimization in Video Marketing (Ep. 59)

How to Increase Conversion Rates Using Explainer Videos

Censorship, Bad Data, and the Future of Video in 2017 (ep. 57)

My Video Marketing Resolutions for 2017 (ep. 56)

The Smartest Video Marketing Trends in 2017 (and Beyond!)

How to Use Video to Generate More Leads

Using Live Streaming Video for Your Business (Ep. 53)

What Fake News Means for Google and Facebook (Ep. 52)

How to Optimize Your YouTube Video Titles and Descriptions

Viewtopia 2016: How Salesforce Uses Video in their Content Strategy (Ep. 51)

Little Details Take Your Videos From Good To Great

How to Use B-Roll in Your Next Video Project

Is Video Better at Driving Traffic or Closing Sales? (Ep. 50)

How to Dress for a Video Shoot

The Importance of Sales Enablement Videos

How to Build & Manage an Exceptional Video Team

5 Tips For Providing Creative Feedback To Your Video Team

When is YouTube a Good Option for Marketers (Ep. 49)

5 Video Production Options For Any Budget

Getting Your Company Started With Video Marketing

5 Ways to Pitch Video Marketing to Your Boss

How Increased Competition Affects Video Marketers (Ep. 48)

How to Succeed with Video Marketing

How To Get Viewers To Watch Your Videos To The End

5 Tips To Improve Audience Retention On Your Videos

4 Steps For Persuading Your Stakeholders To Invest In Video (Ep. 47)

Video Length: Is Shorter Always Better?

YouTube vs Facebook Video: What Marketers Need To Know

The Key Differences Between Facebook and YouTube Videos

4 Strategic Ways to Grow Your Business With Video (Ep. 46)

What Facebook’s Recent Analytics Scandal Really Means For Marketers

6 Simple Ways to Use Testimonials that Increase Sales

Social Video Marketing: Optimizing Your Videos For Each Platform

9 Tips for Improving Your Facebook Live Videos

20 Business Problems That Can Be Solved by Video (Ep. 45)

What Marketers Need To Know About Vertical Videos

How To Increase Your Facebook Audience Reach Using Video

Facebook Live: Why Marketers Need To Start Using It

The 6 Stages of a Successful Video Marketing Campaign (Ep. 44)

A Simple Tip To Get More Viewers For Your Facebook Videos

Promotion: What To Do After You Finish Your Video Project

Content Strategy: Why Your Video’s ROI Depends on It

The Truth Behind Facebook's Video Metrics Controversy (Ep. 43)

Where To Use Your Videos Online To Grow Your Business

YouTube SEO for Beginners: How to Get More Video Views

4 Factors To Consider When Writing YouTube Titles

How to Use Video In Your Sales and Marketing (Ep. 42)

How To Get Your Videos To Rank On YouTube

3 Reasons Why Testimonials Are So Powerful

The Most Important Phase of Video Production

4 Pre-Production Necessities For A Successful Video

Why Your Target Customers Prefer Video, Even If You Think They Don't (Ep. 41)

How To Write and Edit a Video Script

How to Choose the Right Video Production Partner

Video Quality: When to Make Your Own (And When to Hire Help)

The Power of Being Vulnerable and Authentic (Ep. 40)

5 Tips For Making Great Videos

How to Know if YouTube Is Right For Your Business

How To Drive Scalable Website Traffic Using YouTube

The Importance of a Custom Video Marketing Strategy (Ep. 39)

Is YouTube Right For Your Business?

How to Run a Flawless Video Shoot

How To Plan a Successful Video Shoot

The Difference Between Video Production Houses and Video Marketing Agencies (Ep. 38)

How To Conduct a Professional Video Interview

YouTube Intros: Don’t Make This Common Mistake

Using Video To Identify & Connect With Prospects (Ep. 37)

Why “Helpful” Is the New “Viral”

WireBuzz Won a Telly Award

Is Video Marketing Right for Your Business?

14 Proven Speaking Tips for Looking Like A Pro On Camera (Ep. 36)

What Is Video Marketing And Why Is It So Effective?

How Much Do Videos Cost? (The Answer May Surprise You)

Transform Facebook Friends Into a Business Referral Network (Ep. 35)

How to Optimize Your Website For Mobile with TestMySite

3 Tips for Making Powerful Videos In a Foreign Language

Grow Your Business with Facebook's Live Presidential Convention Strategy

Warning: This Common Mistake Will Kill Your Video’s ROI

The Types of Videos That Perform Best on YouTube (Ep. 34)

Forget Video Views — Here are 3 Metrics That Actually Matter

How to Create Compelling Videos — Even in a Boring Niche

Why 71% of Marketers Are Increasing Their Video Budgets (Ep. 33)

3 Secrets to Speeding up Sales with Video

Why You Need To Make Videos For Your Business

9 Cost-Saving Tips For Creating Professional Videos at Scale (Ep. 32)

3 Reasons Why Video is The Ultimate Attention Hack

How Video Fits Into The Buyer's Journey (Ep. 31)

The 4 Superpowers of Video Content (Ep. 30)

Using Video To Get the Most Out of Your Conference Strategy (Ep. 29)

How to Improve Your Account-Based Marketing Strategy with Video (Ep. 97)

3 Steps to Guarantee Your Videos Generate ROI (Ep. 28)

How Video Helps You Own the Conversation In Your Industry (Ep. 27)

Where To Share Your Videos Online (Ep. 26)

Double Your ROI Using Facebook Video Ads, With Rick Mulready (Ep. 25)

How to Build Trust and Drive Sales By Answering Your Customer’s Questions (Ep. 24)

Tips for Planning a Successful Video Shoot (Ep. 23)

How to Prepare for a Video Shoot (Ep. 22)

7 Practical Tips For Building an Engaged Community on YouTube (Ep. 21)

How to Boost Your Website’s Conversion Rate Using Video (Ep. 20)

The Secrets of Viral Marketing Videos (Ep. 19)

Choosing the Right Video Hosting Platform For Your Goals, Part 1 (Ep. 17)

Choosing the Right Video Hosting Platform For Your Goals, Part 2 (Ep. 18)

How AfterMaster TV's Crowdfunding Video Raised $800,000 On Kickstarter & Indiegogo (Ep. 16)

How to Build an Audience On YouTube (Ep. 15)

What Is The Optimal Length for a Marketing Video? (Ep. 14)

How to Future-Proof Your Videos by Putting Quality First (Ep. 13)

Video Post-Production: Why It’s Important and What You Should Expect (Ep. 12)

How SMARKETING with Video Supercharges Your Sales Process (Ep. 10)

Using Video for Thought Leadership and Customer Service, with Jay Baer (Ep. 9)

How to Create a Video Strategy That Will Achieve Your Business Goals (Ep. 8)

How to SEO Your Videos Like a Boss, with Mark Traphagen (Ep. 7)

The New Digital Social Contract and Video, With Jeremy Katz (Ep. 6)

Thought Sequences: How To Teach Prospects About Your Product (Ep. 62)

Introducing Video Marketing Mastery, With Todd Hartley (Ep. 1)

Video Marketing Trends to Watch in 2016, With Greg Jarboe (Ep. 3)

Why Video Gets Better Results Than Text, Backed by Science (Ep. 2)

Inbound Marketing and Video: What Marketers Need To Know (Ep. 5)

Lessons Learned From Launching a Weekly Video Series, With Mark Traphagen (Ep. 4)

How to Maximize Your PR Opportunities at SABCS

Dinner At SABCS

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Equity Crowdfunding: A Secret Weapon For Getting More Investors

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