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What Life Science, Biotech & Healthcare Brands Can Learn from 2022’s Best SuperBowl Ads

by WireBuzz, on Feb 17, 2022 7:50:53 PM

Why don’t life science, biotech and healthcare brands treat commercials and marketing campaigns like Super Bowl ads?

Healthcare providers and patients aren’t lawyers or scientists – they’re people (and some are even football fans). Just because your brand belongs to a highly-regulated industry, doesn’t mean your content can’t or shouldn’t be disruptive, story-driven, humorous and nostalgic. 

In this week’s episode of “Video SMarketing Mastery”, our Head Strategist Kasen teams up with Ben, our Director of Video, to analyze some of our team’s top picks for the best Super Bowl ads in 2022 – plus the key creative takeaways you should consider applying to your future video marketing initiatives.

If you’re looking for insights about how to make better human-to-human connections with your campaign content or build future brand equity in our now digital-first, hybrid world, this is the episode for you:


Additional resources mentioned in this episode:


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