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by TODD HARTLEY, on Aug 27, 2020 8:01:19 PM

65% of businesses in America fail in the first 10 years, so what does that say about the quality of marketers and sales reps out there? I hear a lot …

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by TODD HARTLEY, on Aug 20, 2020 4:50:34 PM

When COVID19 hit, businesses around the world shuttered. But the ones that thought way out of the box ... learned how to pivot. My team took action immediately. We brainstormed …

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by TODD HARTLEY, on Aug 13, 2020 2:56:11 PM

This year we are going to see a presidential campaign run like we’ve never seen before. Packed rallies will be out of the question due to COVID19. And maybe I’m …

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by TODD HARTLEY, on Aug 6, 2020 5:52:02 PM

In January of 2020, I was meeting with a client who said, “Todd if we don’t get a new client this entire year, but we up-sell our existing clients, it …

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