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Our Services

Our specialty is managing complexity. When you need a project done right, our team can help. 


Video is the ultimate tool for crafting binge-worthy buying experiences, which is why our crew currently produces over 3,000 video assets each year.


Our copywriters combine proven sales, psychology, and storytelling techniques to craft binge-worthy messages that convert prospect attention into deals.


Most of our clients are using sales teams to influence buying decisions, but find they need more and more marketing support to align with buying behavior.


We help clients transform their website into their best salesperson by developing intentional user pathways based on buyer persona (or application).


If your goal is to create content that gets ROI, then the final step is making sure your content gets the right eyeballs on it. Here's how we can help...


Many clients rely on live events, such as trade shows and conferences, to capture leads and get face-time with prospects. We raise the bar for execution & ROI.

Video Production

We don't only do video, but it's where we shine the brightest!  Why? Because video requires a wider array of skillsets compared to any other type of project. Just one weak link in the chain shows in the final video, so it's a lot to get right! Not only do you need an effective marketing message, but you also need to deliver it in a way that holds your prospects' attention to the end.

WireBuzz produces over 3,000 videos each year, and to do that we've built an elite team of technical experts at each stage of production, including copywriters, producers, directors, shooters, editors, audio techs, and animators. Even hair & make-up, because we're the kind of team that manages all the details. 

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Strategy & Messaging Development

At WireBuzz, we always start with strategy. Ultimately, it's the words we use and the meanings we convey that lead prospects to make a purchase decision. That's why our team of strategists and copywriters is trained to adapt your sales message into a narrative structure you can use to create binge-worthy content in any context, including videos, your website copy, emails, conferences, social media, advertising and more! 

Why narrative structure? Because it aligns with the sequence of thoughts people have during the sales process.  Our brains are wired for story, so we lean into human psychology to hack attention spans and help prospects make purchase decisions before they speak with sales. 

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Sales Process Optimization & Automation

The more complex the purchase decision (cost, complexity, competition), the more information buyers need to feel confident. But here's the catch: modern buyers are increasingly resistant to salespeople. Salespeople have always been the solution for complex purchase decisions, but how can you cut through the noise when prospects are refusing to engage your team? 

We help our clients create the momentum needed to generate sales-ready leads, but that's not the only place in the funnel we optimize...After a successful sales engagement, it's critical to maintain that emotional energy through a long sales cycles, because you know there's a world of difference between "convinced" and "closed." 

Neat stuff we can do for sales teams: 

  • Optimize your sales process to align with buyer behavior... 
  • Create "sales enablement" content to pull prospects through your funnel... 
  • Train your sales team to use content tactically, including personalized video and the use of sales aids 
  • Track which prospects are most engaged with your content, so you can prioritize and follow-up with the right message at the right time...
  • Automate recurring sales tasks, including follow-ups, scheduling, lead scoring, and more... 

Optimizing the sales process is one of the nerdiest and most fun things we do, but there's a galaxy of possibilities to explore! Call us to discuss your goals and we can help you zero-in on the most profitable optimizations. 

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Website Copy, Design, & Development

Once you have a binge-worthy marketing message, the next step is to apply it to your website. The result is a website experience that makes prospects feel like you're reading their mind, a technique that maximizes attention span and clarity. 

This is the part where most clients nod knowingly and say "Wouldn't that be nice?" before providing the same three excuses: 

  • Our customers don't (or won't) buy online
  • The project is too big
  • It'll never get approved

If your website is outdated, then of course your customers won't buy online. They may not even be influenced by your site. But with sales access declining at a rapid pace, your website's influence on sales is going up. At minimum, it should convert attention into sales-ready leads.

The latter two issues are really just matters of risk management and practicality, which is why we often run smaller experiments to validate the strategy and get approval for larger overhauls. 

For example, one of our Fortune 500 clients worked with us to build a microsite testing substantial changes from brand guidelines in an effort to modernize. This enabled us to work around their slow in-house web team, test quickly, and demonstrate results. The microsite is now their new model. 

Another billion-dollar client tested our approach using just one sales page targeting a new type of customer. Their sales team used that content to open a new market, resulting in their best quarter ever. We're now rolling out sales pages and a broader strategy for other divisions, building their site from the "bottom up."  

So if your website needs some love, don't wait any longer! It never gets easier and there are always solutions to get the process started and ensure you get ROI. 

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Content Management, Promotion & Advertising

It's simple: no engagement, no ROI. For content to work, it needs exposure. 

But if "content" is king, then "context" is god. Because if your content reaches the wrong people, or even the right people at the wrong time, then it's like reading a book out-of-order...it just doesn't make sense. 

That's why we always develop a promotion plan before we create content, so we can engineer it to perform in-context. 

We help clients promote their content in a wide variety of ways, including:

  • Advertising on Google, YouTube, Facebook/IG, and LinkedIn 
  • Influencer & Key Opinion Leader Campaigns 
  • YouTube Channel Management & Optimization
  • Posting content to client websites
  • Email Marketing & Automation
  • Sales Enablement Training

These are just a few of the things we do, but it's really how we do them differently that makes all the difference. Schedule a call with our team and we can show you some of the neat ways we're using marketing to drive sales. 

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Live Events, Conferences, & Product Launches

Many of our clients, especially those in access-restricted markets, rely on live events to generate leads and close deals with prospects. Face-time is precious, which is why we optimize the event experience and integrate your offline and online activities to ensure everything is trackable and efficient. 

Live events must deliver on three goals, including: Brand Message Delivery, Lead Generation, & Sales Conversion. Within each area of focus, you should plan activities for before, during and after the event. 

  • Brand Message — Use each event to communicate ONE big idea that moves your industry closer to your way of seeing things 
  • Lead Generation — Align your floor activities and lead gen team to generate relevant, sales-ready leads. No more "swag scans." 
  • Sales Conversion — You also need a separate team dedicated to closing deals. Each role requires different skill-sets and performance incentives. 

In addition to your immediate marketing and sales needs, we often use live events to efficiently capture large amounts of video when your target influencers and best customers are all in one place. 

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