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Ready to solve your million-dollar sales problem?

Transform your business in 6+ months with remote sales training and high-converting persona pages. We start projects with strategy and finish with celebration.

    It's time to future-proof your revenue:

    You’re a natural-born leader, and have always worked for a profitable and growing organization. Your company’s sales reps have always been able to connect with your customers in-person to show and tell them how great your product or service is.

    But then, 2020 happened. Global, billion-dollar, legacy brands— B2B and B2C alike—declared bankruptcy. Your company’s growth started shutting down along with the rest of the world, and your future multi-million-dollar profit margin became a projection of the past. You started to worry your company would follow suit, because it wasn’t agile enough to pivot to selling remotely.

    If you’re still struggling to enable your salesforce, transform your bottom line, and make up for lost time, stop panicking and make the smart leader’s decision of hiring our ROI-focused agency to adopt and implement a remote sales strategy. In just 6 months, we’ll help you future-proof your revenue with remote sales training and digital assets that make your buyers actually start paying attention and taking action.

    Buyer behavior has changed forever. With only 20% of B2B buyers hoping to return to in-person sales, remote-first and self-service purchasing are the “new normal”. It’s time you pivot to prosper.

    Why are our remote selling strategies so essential?

    Stay Ahead of the Digital Curve

    Rise With the Changing Times

    Don’t Wait Until it’s Too Late

    Why persona pages?

    A persona page is a robust sales page tailored to the demographic and psychographic pain-points and needs of your customers. Persona pages serve your website like your best sales rep and increase sales qualified lead (SQL) conversions, leveraging consideration and objection-handling content curated specifically to address your customers - as people first, prospects second.

    Personalized & Relevant



    Don’t believe in the power of our strategies yet? Take our client’s word for it:

    Persona pages, created the “WireBuzz way”:


    What exactly is a "persona"?

    What if I need multiple persona pages?

    Is a “persona page” the same thing as a “landing page”?

    How much does a persona page cost, and how long does it take to create a page?

    What about SEO and digital advertising?

    Remote sales transformation pricing:

    Starting at


    6 - 8 month transformation

    Remote Sales Training

    Persona Analysis

    Content Strategy

    Video Production



    Technical Recommendations

    Bi-Weekly Project Meetings

    Ready to take the next step on your journey with WireBuzz?

    WireBuzz is a ROI-focused video, marketing and sales optimization agency. (But what we really are, is a partner in your growth!) With 10+ years producing videos and implementing sales strategies for enterprise organizations, we know exactly what it takes to generate revenue from a distance.

    Request a consultation with one of our strategists to explore how we can help YOU enable your salesforce with remote sales training and persona pages.