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Bringing May Flowers: Did Your Business Make it Rain in April?

by WireBuzz, on May 5, 2022 10:36:18 AM

Is April really the wettest month? For many businesses, April showers came and went without bringing ANY May flowers. What went wrong? 

Much like gardening, life science marketing involves small steps catered for specific needs. While all plants need water, there is a big difference between caring for a delicate rose and a desert cactus. The same principle also applies to video marketing in general: there is no magic formula for success because every audience is different.

So product marketers, take note! In this blog, you’ll learn how to accurately self-diagnose the effectiveness of your video production strategies through audience analysis, consideration to small details, and the use of proper tools to optimize your video content for the year.

Re-Define Your  Personas

Are you sure you know who your audience is? And would your sales department agree with you? 

This might seem like a simple question, but markets and audiences can shift drastically over short periods of time. COVID-19 has only accelerated this process with new stakeholders, clients, and audiences shifting to adapt to the new post-pandemic world. Aligning your marketing and sales together and Re-identifying your client personas can help determine if your core audience has changed, giving insight into what they are responding to.

Take this time to reanalyze who is interacting with your content as key demographics might have changed with new technologies and digital alternatives. If you don’t yet have persona-specific sales enablement assets and landing pages on your website, make creating this media a priority. Personalization of on-demand content is no longer negotiable.

Dare to Stand Out

Standing out may seem easy, but many companies have ineffective marketing strategies because they don’t understand what is truly valuable to their audience. Sometimes, breaking the status quo requires taking a couple steps back and reexamining how your audience interacts with your products and content in your industry. 

Creativity can extend beyond artistic endeavors. Rethinking what platforms your company chooses to emphasize can help you catch more clients than something aesthetic like color changes. This can include reimagining how your audience interacts with your messaging. Consider podcasts, the inclusion of GIFs, and the addition of animated videos to online portfolios and messaging campaigns. These small steps can help generate engagement and interest in your brand without reinventing the wheel.

Optimizing Your Brand’s Messaging

Connecting with your audience and buyers can be muddled if the tone and messaging of your brand are misaligned. Is your messaging appropriate for your audience? Considering how fluidly trends and demographics can change, are you keeping one ear to the ground? Making sure you are aligned with what your audience responds to across each unique marketing channel is important . 

Perhaps your tone is a bit too casual and there needs to be a stronger focus on results; or perhaps your situation is the exact opposite and you need to lighten up. Considering these factors can improve your relationship with new and existing audiences. Use this link to learn different ways to (shamrock) shake up your brand’s content.

Companies need to stay flexible in experimenting with new creative approaches. Staying on top of trends as they evolve and change is an integral part of this process.

Using Proper Tools

While audience analysis and creativity are important parts of content production and video marketing, quality is equally (if not more) important. For many companies, even the idea of including video in their marketing is a creative leap; but for others, improving the effectiveness of their video can be a series of small stepping stones to achieve noticeable results. 

Sound design can be an especially important aspect of the video production process. Audio quality is oftentimes more important to audiences than video quality, meaning that even the most expensive cameras in the world cannot hide poor sound. Lack of attention to audio details can completely derail the messaging, flow, and effectiveness of an otherwise beautiful piece of content. 

Besides quality, tone and voice can also play an important role in the effectiveness of a video’s messaging. Selecting the appropriate music and sound effects can dramatically change how audiences perceive messaging. Considering a change in this aspect of video production can help reach new audiences and resonate longer with them.

Another change worth considering is the platform on which you’re hosting your videos. Instead of YouTube, consider a video sales tool like Vidyard. Not only does it look better when embedded in your website, but you can leverage the video tracking capabilities to improve how you score and follow up with leads.  


Even if your April marketing strategy didn’t yield the May ROI you hoped for, don't worry - it's about to rain even more in June. Especially if you follow these tips. 

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