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by TODD HARTLEY, on Aug 31, 2017 1:51:00 AM

Just because little Timmy has a camera and plays 6 hours of Starcraft everyday on his computer doesn’t qualify him as the best video production partner for your online business …

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by TODD HARTLEY, on Aug 24, 2017 1:49:00 AM

If you want to get married, you can run down to the courthouse and tie the knot with your lover in an hour. OR you can spend 6 months pre-planning …

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by TODD HARTLEY, on Aug 22, 2017 1:45:00 AM

Are there additional services you could provide to offer a more complete experience for your customers? Before you answer, let me give you an example... After working with dozens of …

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by TODD HARTLEY, on Aug 18, 2017 1:41:00 AM

Did you know that 80% of the buyer’s journey happens before someone reaches out to your sales team? Crazy, right!? Consumers are different today. They want to be independent of …

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by TODD HARTLEY, on Aug 17, 2017 1:39:00 AM

You're leaving money on the table. That's the bad news. The good news: it's easy to fix this problem with video. You just need to understand the importance of adding …

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by TODD HARTLEY, on Aug 9, 2017 1:37:00 AM

Way too often, businesses reach out to the WireBuzz team with a request that makes me cringe... They want to create a green screen video. But here’s the thing.. Green …

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by TODD HARTLEY, on Aug 8, 2017 1:35:00 AM

What makes videos rank on Google compared to YouTube? Google owns YouTube, so it would make sense if they used the same algorithm, right? But that's not the case. Savvy …

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by TODD HARTLEY, on Aug 2, 2017 1:33:00 AM

You don't have to be the smartest or brightest person in your field to become an expert. That's a birth-blessing that only happens to a lucky few in every industry, …

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by TODD HARTLEY, on Aug 1, 2017 1:31:00 AM

YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram... Most of us are familiar with the big 3 social platforms for video marketers. However, they're not the only ones catering their focus to video to …

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