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A few of our favorite videos...

express badging

Homepage Explainer Video (Funny)

What do you do when a client in a boring industry challenges you to "do better" than his (already good) videos? See how we boosted revenue 20%. Let this serve as proof that any business can be fun!

tfs logo

Medical Device Explainer Video (Product Launch)

We helped launch a new medical device at a large industry conference, using this video as a key asset we could build the launch around and promote in a variety of contexts, both during the launch and for the year(s) to come. 

guardant logo new

Testimonial Story with Lifestyle B-Roll

Want to watch a story that'll give you ALL the feels? Meet Guillermo, a cancer patient who had days to live before his 3rd doctor recommended a test that helped them find a treatment that worked. Pack your tissues. 


Product Launch using 2D Character Animation

This video was created in tandem with an interactive game (also produced by WireBuzz), with both designed as part of a product launch campaign.

23andMe LOGO

Expert Education with Supporting Animation 

This video is used when someone receives a 23andMe's Alzheimer's report showing a known mutation. To comply with FDA regulations (and be good people), 23andMe created a video explaining what their report means and the importance of speaking to a doctor. 


Product Explainer with 2D Motion Graphics Animation

When communicating a new or complex idea, motion graphics are a powerfully effective tool. Watch how we use this simple (and inexpensive) style to convey deeper meaning. 


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