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Client Testimonials

Hear from some of our clients about what it's like working with WireBuzz.

"I first met WireBuzz and Todd Hartley at a conference. The process of working with WireBuzz started with aligning around what our goals were as an organization, and defining what we wanted to achieve in the next 18 months and beyond. The types of tactics WireBuzz employed with Myriad were centered around creating specific customer journey pages, including different types of videos to better connect with our customers. WireBuzz worked with both our marketing and sales teams. Their expertise around strategy has been altering for our business, and stretched us to learn new and innovative techniques to stay relevant in our market."

- Faith Zaslavsky (President of Oncology, Myriad Genetics)

"When I met WireBuzz, I didn't have a website or content. They helped me create content and my social media sites. Ultimately, within a year or two, millions of people were engaging with the Breast Cancer School for Patients. I'm now empowered to share and create any content, and I owe that all to the WireBuzz team. If you're thinking about working with WireBuzz - there's no one better that can know and learn your product, and implement your solutions to achieve what you need to achieve."

- John P Williams, MD (Chairman of the President's Cancer Panel)


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