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Helping solve some of our clients’ biggest challenges in “the new normal.”

by WireBuzz, on Jan 28, 2022 10:47:08 AM

Remember when the times we’re in were considered “unprecedented”? From remote work to recruitment struggles and even the shift to content streaming, it seems as if some of the marketing shifts we faced two years ago have now become mainstays. 

As a result, many of our clients came to us looking for solutions in 2021. We’d like to share a few success stories of how we helped them to not only overcome these obstacles but enjoy new opportunities and experience great outcomes. 

Challenge: Video shoots are shutting down

Creating a video used to mean having a dedicated crew on set to handle all the setup, equipment and filming. But what do you do when the team is working remotely and nothing is happening in-person? You can set up a virtual shoot! 

That’s what we did with our client, Boston Scientific, who wanted to film an interview discussion with two doctors who were speaking about the benefits of their EDUCARE product.

We sent our participants the best equipment possible for recording virtually—from web cams and mics to lights and dongles. We also designed a Boston Scientific-branded background to add a professional touch. Additionally, our production team also set up a pre-recording call to discuss equipment set up, and wardrobe.

“Shooting virtually is convenient and can have great outcomes,” said Alicia Longo, Senior Producer. “However, it does require a lot of pre-production, communication, and troubleshooting throughout the entire process.” 

See the result for yourself: 


Challenge: Recruiting is more competitive than ever

Many companies have lost key talent over the past two years and are looking to replace those roles. So how do you cut through all the noise of the countless job postings and stand out among the rest? Let WireBuzz create a well-produced recruiting video to help attract job seekers! 

Last year, our client Verana Health came to us with a top priority to produce recruiting videos to post on social media. 

We produced two animated videos: One that highlighted their mission of advancing medicine and the other that focused on working for an exciting startup with growth potential. Both effectively highlight the innovative work they're doing and the impact they're making on patients. The videos were highly visual and included no voiceover, just text on screen incorporating a number of keywords and phrases that tied in with the company's overall messaging.

“It's been very helpful to tell the story of who we are, which can be difficult to do in a succinct and impactful way,” said Lindsey Karberg, VP of Marketing for Verana Health. “It's motivating to see the numbers, but even more so when someone tells you they saw the video!” 

Check out the recruiting videos we created for Verana Health: 


Challenge: Many viewers are switching to streaming platforms

Just because consumers are switching to streaming platforms doesn’t mean commercials are null and void. You just need to pivot to run spots on the platforms. It's a great way to appeal to more people at once—especially if you can target a certain demographic based on the content that is being streamed. 

That’s what we did for Boston Scientific, who wanted a new way to promote their Rezum water therapy treatment. The spot needed to appeal to an older demographic of men who suffer from BPH (an enlarged prostate that causes frequent urination). We produced 15, 30, and 60-second commercial spots that included extensive pre-production work and thorough audience testing.

“On-demand platforms are the future of commercials because of the reach they can get,” said Alicia. “Everyone loves on-demand television and binge watching. Furthermore, platforms like Hulu are personalized, so it's a great way to appeal to a bigger audience of the specific demographic.”

View the spot here: 

Challenge: Conferences and events have gone virtual

No in-person events? No problem. Turns out livestream has become the new normal, and WireBuzz is here to help you create videos that will engage your audience no matter where they may be. 

We recently worked with our client, BioT to produce virtual product theatre at an event. Typically experts in the breast cancer space gather at the SABCS conference in San Antonio to learn about the latest treatments and scientific findings. Since most potential attendees opted out of going to the conference, our client needed a way to reach those who could not attend.

The most attended events are product theatres, so we used our cameras to provide high-quality video to those that couldn’t attend the conference to watch the product theatre. A direct link was given to them so they could livestream the event and feel like they were a part of the conference. As a result, there were more people tuned into the Livestream than there were in-person attendees 

“The world has become very unpredictable and because of this many events and conferences have gone virtual or have less attendees,” said Christina Romero, Senior Producer at WireBuzz.  “It’s important to still provide the excitement of these new scientific developments and information to those who want to learn about them. In the coming year, I see more live streams and virtual presentations becoming the standard way of presenting information.” 

Are you ready to turn the challenges of 2021 into opportunities in 2022? If so, WireBuzz is here to discuss your needs and help you determine which type of video strategy is best for you. Just go to wirebuzz.com/talk, and fill out the form to schedule a free 15 minute meeting. 


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