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6 Ways to Amplify Your Event Marketing

by WireBuzz, on Aug 3, 2021 8:20:21 AM

When it comes to events, conferences, and webinars, it’s not just about connecting with the people who attended—it’s also about reaching the 90% who didn’t. 

In this video, WireBuzz CEO Todd Hartley shares six ways to use the power of video to educate that vast majority of your target prospects and make them feel as if they were there.


Let’s get into it.

#1 Interview general session speakers 

If there is a general session speech that contains something valuable about your business, your product, or your service, grab that speaker, interview them in a private room, and share their information with your prospects.

#2 Record the event highlight summaries with key opinion leaders 

If there is a well-known key opinion leader (KOL) at an event, build a relationship with them, and record them talking about the newsworthy takeaways from the event. Plus, have them add your developments into their news summaries. 

#3 Product theatre demonstrations 

Didn’t make it on to one of the big stages of a conference you are attending? There’s still opportunity! Create an expert panel, presentation, or product demo, and record it. That way, you can send clips to your prospects and keep them up to speed on the latest news. 

#4 Host a dinner or event

If you are already hosting a dinner and you’ve paid for the dinner, the booze, and the speaker—now maximize your ROI by recording the knowledge and research shared at the event—and sending the video to your target customers. This exponentially expands the moment and turns it into a newsworthy event. 

#5 Record poster presentations

If you're at a medical conference, the poster sessions feature the newest up and coming research. Is anyone doing something amazing with your solution? If so, record the researcher in a private room and have them walk the audience through their latest developments. Early adopters love to hear about interesting breakthroughs and your business can leverage this information to spread the word about your solution. 

#6 Transform your booth loop video

You know that looping animation playing in your booth? Right an informative script that aligns with your booth loops visuals and have a professional voice over artist read your script. Add the finished video to your website and use it to better educate your prospects. 


If you need help developing an ROI focused event strategy and creating videos that will educate your prospects, visit our website at www.wirebuzz.com/remote-sales and fill out the form to schedule a free 15 minute meeting. 

We look forward to hearing about your goals and helping you create the BUZZ that generates the ROI.



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