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Our Best Blog Posts of 2021

by WireBuzz, on Jan 7, 2022 11:25:53 AM

2021 was quite a year. In a year where video marketing was more important than ever, we served up some serious knowledge bombs. And we have the analytics to show for it. You liked learning more about animation, and you loved knowing you can create videos directly on LinkedIn. Find out what else readers like yourself enjoyed as we recap our most popular blog posts from last year. 

In our most-read post, we discuss Vidyard’s game-changing LinkedIn integration that allows you to create 1:1 personalized video messaging right from the platform! #DAMN! 

In this WireBuzz exclusive, the digital strategy team discusses the top 10 sales and marketing trends for 2022.

Whether you have a big idea on a small budget or a complicated medical concept that’s hard-to-explain, this post offers some great cases for digital animation—and how they will help you succeed. 

Can data be sexy? Why, yes it can. In this post, we discuss the ways animation can add energy and excitement to your next conference presentation. 

This post dives into Todd Hartley’s five zones, which allow you to not just get discovered, but to retain clients, grow revenue, and engage your sales team—all by leveraging the power of video. 

Honorable mentions

Like what you see? We have even more exciting content in store for 2022. Stay tuned! 


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