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Developing Heart-Centered Business Relationships (w/ Jason Fair)

by WireBuzz, on Feb 9, 2022 1:50:13 PM

Last week, our Digital Strategist Thomas told our team he’s been using his personalized video and sales skills to get replies in DMs and dating apps…

And funny enough, in this episode of our re-inspired podcast “Video SMarketing Mastery”, our Head Strategist Kasen talks with VP of Digital Strategy Jason Fair about how remote sales has become a lot like online dating.

Plus, Jason shares his “secret sauce” for developing and nurturing client relationships - and how his approach has helped our agency unlock hearts, new opportunities, and long-term account growth over the past 7 years.

If you’re looking for insights about how to make better human-to-human connections in our now digital-first, hybrid world, this is the episode for you:


If you've been subscribed to this podcast for a while, you know this as WireBuzz CEO Todd Hartley's beloved “Video Marketing Mastery” podcast. However, with his personal brand on the rise, Todd will soon be releasing his own brand new show - and the WireBuzz team is taking over this one.

With a team takeover, comes a new title, look and concept. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes of “Video SMarketing Mastery”, where we’ll be sharing more round-table discussions with our agency’s team about all things video, sales and marketing. 

We're excited to grow with you this year. Boom!

Additional resources mentioned in this episode:


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