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Convert More Remote Buyers with a Strategy that Hits Home!

by TODD HARTLEY, on Aug 26, 2021 7:00:00 AM

With so many of your buyers working from home, the business landscape has changed. However, that doesn’t mean your sales have to suffer. In fact, 70% of B2B decision makers are open to making remote purchases up to $50,000. And 27% of them are open to spending more than $500,000.

In this video, WireBuzz CEO Todd Hartley shares his secrets for remote selling that will convince and convert whether your buyer is working from the boardroom or the living room.


Now that so many of your prospects are remote, your strategy and assets need to be adjusted to drive home the conversions. 

  • Once you wrap up that Zoom call, follow up with a personalized video recapping your meeting. This allows them to feel heard and know you had some great takeaways. 
  • In that video, include a link that leads them to a customer journey page that features hyper-relevant content to their persona. For instance, if you are a construction company, you can target your commercial audience prospects with their own page that speaks to their journey. Your residential remodel prospects, same thing. 
  • After that, you’re going to spy on them. Use your video to let you know who’s interested. If they watched more than 80% of the video, congratulations, you have a buyer. 

If you need help developing an ROI focused remote strategy and creating personalized journey pages that will engage your prospects, visit our website at www.wirebuzz.com/remote-sales and fill out the form to schedule a free 15 minute meeting. 

We look forward to hearing about your goals and helping you create the BUZZ that generates the ROI.



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