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When and Why to Use Animation in Videos

by WireBuzz, on Oct 12, 2021 4:11:56 PM

Have you ever thought about using animation for your business videos? In this five-part series about digital animation, WireBuzz CEO Todd Hartley is here to explain why animation is a great idea, and when you should use it. 


Gone are the days when animation was reserved strictly for Saturday morning cartoons. The technology is sophisticated, and so is the storytelling that accompanies it. Ultimately, it can be a great way to illustrate complex ideas or tell a great story—often both! 

Here are some instances when you should use animation: 

  • You have a big story to tell but a small budget to spend

Between the talent, the sets, the lighting and equipment, and the time, live action can be very expensive. Animation is a great solution to tell that story using multiple characters in multiple scenes. It’s not only cost-effective, but it’s fun and engaging for the audience. 

  • You need to explain difficult concepts 

And if you have a medical device or a diagnostic test, animation is a great way to show the complex ways that the devices work within the body, without the need to film an actual procedure. It also helps with concepts that are challenging to visualize. DNA flowing through the veins is nearly impossible to film. But with animation, it’s entirely possible—and no bodies are required. 

  • You’re headed to a conference and need engaging material to present

Whether it’s a sales presentation or a booth loop video, animation is a great way to make your presence more engaging. Is your conference going virtual? Try animating your data studies and white papers to make your presentations interesting and entertaining. 

  • You need to create a video in multiple languages

If you need multiple language versions of a video, create an animation, where the design of the video stays the same for each version and change out the voiceover and text on screen easily to reach multiple audiences' languages. 

Are you ready to bring your vision to life with a successful animation? If so, WireBuzz is here to help! Just go to wirebuzz.com/talkand fill out the form to schedule a free 15 minute meeting. 

We look forward to hearing about your project and helping you create a winning strategy that generates ROI.


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