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The Three Keys to Unlocking your Prospects Hearts

by WireBuzz, on Nov 17, 2021 5:18:47 PM

Video is the most powerful tool in the business world, however, in order to lock down that sale, you need to unlock the hearts of your prospects. WireBuzz CEO Todd Hartley is here to explain the three keys to making that happen. 


  1. Maintain Eye Contact—Just like on a first date, eye contact will help you make that true connection. After all, it shows you are fully present, aware, and free of distractions. So go ahead and look into that camera. #LoveConnection
  2. Show Gratitude—Treat your business video like a thank you card. Share something you appreciate and admire about your prospect, and you will be surprised how quickly they let down their guard. 
  3. Be Sincere—This is not the time for your boisterous radio announcer voice, nor is it a good time to be monotone or wooden. After all, you’re telling someone how much you appreciate them. Connect your heart to your tonality, and communicate in a way that is genuine and authentic.  

If you need help creating strategies that will further crack the code of your prospects, visit our website at wirebuzz.com/talk and fill out the form to schedule a free 15 minute meeting.


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