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The 3 Reasons Why you Should Use Video in Your Marketing in 2022

by WireBuzz, on Dec 9, 2021 4:23:55 PM

We are finishing up the year with a series we are calling Why Video? It’s no surprise that now more than ever, video should be an essential part of your sales and marketing assets. In the first installment, WireBuzz CEO Todd Hartley shares some cold, hard facts why video is the most powerful tool in the business world. 

Let’s break down the three things you are trying to do with a business video: 


#1 Earn attention

People are four times more likely to watch a video than read text.


#2 Transfer knowledge

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it on a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text. 


#3 Convert customers

After watching a product or service video, prospects are 85% more likely to buy from you. 


And here’s the best part about video—it can be used through all stages of your business funnel. Many people still believe that video has a place mostly at the top of the funnel to generate awareness. But there are many more opportunities through customized customer journeys, explainer videos, testimonials, and even an implementation video to accelerate your leads into customers. 

Tune in next week when Todd will discuss the five zones of where you should be using video not only to generate leads and close deals, but to be used as an essential part of retaining and delighting your current customers. 


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