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WireBuzz Conference Room

WireBuzz Pricing

Find out what to expect based on your project,
as well as some price ranges for different types of video.


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Premium Pro

per month
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Everything in Premium, plus:

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No fluff. No frills. Just great-looking videos using basic 2D motion graphic animations or featuring your team on-camera.
  • Scripts written by conversion copywriters

    World-class video production at 4k resolution

    A promotion strategy to ensure your videos get ROI

    A producer to manage your project and ensure the process is a breeze
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Need to raise awareness quickly? Nothing's more shareable than video, but it needs to be GREAT and it needs to convert.

Everything in Professional, plus:

  • 3D animation

    TV commercials

    Viral video concepts

    Sophisticated storytelling

    Multi-location, multi-day shoots
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We believe in creating the right tool for the job. Meet with a member of our strategy team and we can help you choose the right production level for your goals and budget.
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