Using Relevance in Your Binge Worthy Video Content (Ep. 195)

by Todd Hartley • April 3, 2019

People expect hyper-relevant, personalized experiences. It’s a major trend in marketing.

Take Netflix, Facebook, and YouTube for example. When you login to these platforms, you’re greeted with relevant choices based on your past viewing history.

In a world where so many sales and marketing professionals are complaining that people have short attention spans, these super platforms are seeing insane increases in watch-time because they are feeding you MORE of what you want.

Great copywriters often say to “enter the conversation already taking place inside your prospect’s head.”

By aligning with your prospects immediate wants and needs, you demonstrate that you “get them,” and THAT’S how you capture attention and pull people through your marketing message at faster rates.

Unfortunately, most brands are still speaking to everybody, and that’s why Fortune 500 companies are crashing hard.

Today, it’s more important than ever for brand marketers to learn about direct-response and sales.

And it starts by getting clear on your message and strategic about how you communicate that message on your website and in your content.

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The Netflix Economy: How To Create Binge Worthy Buying Experiences (Ep. 194)

by Todd Hartley • March 27, 2019

Before Netflix there was Blockbuster. Remember them? They went out of business because they didn’t adjust to the online world.

Netflix, on the other hand, adapted when the movie rental industry began transitioning to online services and streaming, cementing themselves as the dominant player in their field.

So what can brands learn from Netflix’s success?

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How An Owned Audience Can Transform Your Business (Ep. 193)

by Todd Hartley • March 19, 2019

Mapping out your customer journey helps you serve the right piece of content to a potential prospect based on their previous interactions with your business. But did you know that 68% of marketers don’t have a documented customer journey strategy in place? Without knowing your customer’s journey, how do you expect to serve them hyper-relevant […]

Reviewing Vidyard’s 2019 State of Video in Business (Ep. 192)

by Todd Hartley • March 12, 2019

Vidyard’s “2019 State of Video in Business Report” is hot of the press and packed with actionable information.

The magnitude of video continues to snowball and marketing leaders are under greater pressure to understand and improve the performance of video investments.

And businesses who don’t adopt video into their processes will inevitably be left behind.

Are you keeping up?

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How to Choose Profitable Video Topics for Your Business (Ep. 191)

by Todd Hartley • March 5, 2019

Videos are your most powerful sales and marketing tools, but because they often take more time and money than text­based content, it’s critical that you invest your marketing budget wisely.

And that means selecting the most profitable video topics for your business.

So how do you confidently identify the right video content to produce?

After working with thousands of clients and creating more than 2,000 videos per year, we’ve dialed in a process that works.

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How to Track Video Marketing ROI (Ep. 190)

by Todd Hartley • February 27, 2019

Video has many superpowers; one of them being clarity.

If you have a complicated product or service, video can help your audience follow along and understand your message without being overwhelmed by the technical gobbledygook.

Take Marketo for example.

Marketo is a full-stack marketing suite that does a lot of things — from lead management to marketing automation to mobile marketing.

Before they added video to their sales process, they relied on white papers to educate their audience.

White papers can be extremely valuable if they are written well, but asking someone to read a 3,000-5,000 word guide can be a big ask.

That’s why Marketo started using 4-minute video demos…

..and after analyzing the data, they discovered their video demos were outperforming their white papers by 6x!

Do you think this improved their lead-scoring?


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Why We’re Excited About HubSpot Video (Ep. 189)

by Todd Hartley • February 19, 2019

We already know that video is the most compelling content form, but many businesses still struggle with using video in their sales and marketing strategies.

Imagine if there was a tool that made everything easier…

Introducing HubSpot video.

HubSpot Video lets you add interactive forms to your videos, integrate with Zoom for 1on1 video, and sync YouTube data into your HubSpot analytics.

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The One Place Your Business Shouldn’t Use Video (Ep. 188)

by Todd Hartley • February 7, 2019

Throughout the years, WireBuzz has been here to give you lots of advice on how to improve your business results using video.

We’ve discussed topics like, “how to create a winning video marketing strategy, “using video to convert more conference leads into customers,” and “creating a powerful customer testimonial video.”

But on this episode of Video Marketing Mastery, we offer some advice on when you shouldn’t use video. (And, of course, helpful resources that dive deeper into why).

5-Step Roadmap for Creating an Irresistible Marketing Message (Ep. 187)

by Todd Hartley • January 23, 2019

There are dozens of frameworks and methodologies you can follow to craft your marketing and sales message.

And the best part about frameworks is that they allow you to engineer success, as long as you apply them intelligently.

However, unless you’re a trained marketing strategist or copywriter, it can be challenging to discern which framework works best for your business.

In fact, we found that many of our clients don’t have the nuanced understanding to apply these messaging frameworks correctly…

…so we created our own.

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The Right Way to Charm & Prospect New Business using Video (Ep. 186)

by Todd Hartley • January 9, 2019

There are two strategies salespeople can implement when prospecting for new clients.

One strategy involves blasting out hundreds of templated emails and making dozens of annoying cold calls hoping for a 2-3% response rate.

Chances are you’ve received an email or sales call like this within the past week (and deleted it without a second thought, or made an excuse to hang up).

Not very effective, right?

The second strategy, which we reveal on the podcast, is tremendously more impactful.

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