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How to Choose the Right Video Production Partner

by MARCUS KRIEG, on Sep 15, 2016 5:12:00 AM


You already know that videos can help you generate and educate leads, extend your reach, and increase sales. 

And you also know that video isn't always the right tool for the job.

You should only create them when both the following two conditions are met:

  1. Your topic can benefit from one of video's four big superpowers (Attention, Emotion, Clarity, and Value)
  2. You plan to use that video for months or even years into the future

You only want to create a video when you're confident it will get significantly better results than text, images, or audio. That's where the superpowers come in.

You’ll also want to prioritize long-term video assets, because that's where the ROI comes from. That means prioritizing videos you'll use over and over again, such as:

  • Product videos
  • Testimonial stories
  • Sales videos

Just consider the math: if you create a video that you're going to share only once, then that video needs to be WAY better than a text-based alternative, because it's more expensive to produce.

But, if your video is even just 10% more effective than text and you plan to use it over and over, then that 10% increase in efficiency multiplies over time, more than justifying the cost of production.

Similarly, investing in a higher quality video can also get higher ROI...but there is a point of diminishing returns. So it's all about striking the right balance, which means understanding your production options and when to use them to maximize ROI.

And that's exactly the topic we'll be exploring This Week In Video Marketing.

Video Quality: When to Make Your Own (And When to Hire Help)


If you're planning to use video to grow your business, then one of the most difficult decisions you're going to face is how to get those videos made.

You essentially have three major options:

  • Create your video in-house (DIY)
  • Hire a video production team (Videographers and Production Houses)
  • Work with a video marketing agency (Marketers who specialize in video)

Even though we're a video marketing agency, we recognize that there's a time and place for each of those production strategies. Find out which one is right for your next project in my latest video.

The Difference Between Video Production Houses and Video Marketing Agencies (Ep. 38)

Video production houses vs. video marketing agencies

Once you've decided to invest in a higher quality video, the next step is deciding between video producers and video marketers.

Generally speaking, a producer is going to be more focused on the production and creative aspects of your project. This group is still quite diverse, ranging from your neighborhood kid-with-a-camera to major production houses that specialize in large projects.

These folks are storytellers, not marketers or salespeople, so if you decide to work with producers, your team needs to come ready with a smart video strategy or risk your video falling flat.

Where video marketing agencies differ is that they focus on both the video and the marketing strategy behind it. As with producers, there's a lot of diversity here. But now you're evaluating more than just price and quality; you also need to consider how savvy they are as marketers.

Learn more about the differences between these two types of video creators in episode 38 of Video Marketing Mastery.

5 Simple Tips for Making Great Videos

[youtube id="ALBtMW5SVgY" align="left" mode="normal" maxwidth="800"]

If you decide to work with a video marketing agency, you can count on a higher level of strategy and your videos will have more alignment with your sales and marketing goals. That's the core value of working with an agency like WireBuzz.

But not every project necessarily needs that level of strategy.

What if you're creating something basic for your social media followers? Or what about posting weekly videos to your YouTube channel?

In these cases, you may not need a video agency unless you're particularly interested in quality or you need help designing the strategy.

The problem is: when you create videos without an experienced video marketer, your team becomes responsible for the strategy and ensuring the video you create is going to meet your goals.

So to help ensure your next video project is successful, here are Stronz's 5 tips for making great videos


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