There’s a dangerous myth running wild right now.

And while it’s partially true, I want to make sure you know the facts…

Here’s what people are saying:

You don’t need to invest in quality production to get good results.


Talk about an utter lack of nuance and strategy…

And no, I don’t think you need to drop thousands of dollars for every video you make. You may not even need to hire help for most of your videos.

But there are many cases when production quality really matters. Whether the quality is good or bad, it leaves an impression on your viewers; either positive or negative.

This particular myth originated with internet marketers encouraging other internet marketers to create more videos for their internet businesses.

And for those businesses, the advice is pretty good…they are better off creating their own videos than not using video at all.

But I’m guessing that your business is a little more sophisticated…

So before buying into this misguided advice, you need to consider your goals. What are you trying to achieve with your video?

Viewers will have different expectations for different types of videos. Some you may absolutely be able to do yourself or with just the help of a videographer, while other videos will need more polish and a deeper strategy than you could produce on your own.

The question then, is how to know the difference…

Find out in my latest video!


In this video, you’ll learn:

  • Why DIY is not always the answer when it comes to making a video
  • When it’s appropriate to use a videographer versus a video marketing agency
  • Why pre-production is important, regardless of who you’re working with on your video

If you’re ready to start planning your next video download our free Pre-Production checklist!

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Marcus Krieg

Director of Strategy at WireBuzz
Marcus is the Director of Strategy at WireBuzz. For more writing and video marketing tips, follow him on Facebook or Twitter.