If you’ve already listened to yesterday’s podcast, you may have noticed that it was missing something…

We’ve officially broken our weekly Video Marketing Mastery Podcast into two parts!

Based on your feedback, we’ve decided to publish a podcast about video marketing tips and tactics each Tuesday, and another about video marketing news updates on Wednesdays.

That way, you can pick and choose the kind of information you want to listen to.

So tune into today’s podcast to get the latest news on Snap’s IPO, YouTube TV, Facebook’s Fake News saga, and more!

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

    • A client recently requested a “Three Cry Video”; tune in to find out what it is
    • Where Kristo has been for the past two weeks
    • The official state bird of California
    • What my essential Facebook Live tools are
    • REMINDER: We’re splitting the podcast into 2 parts — on Tuesdays, you’ll hear video marketing tips and tactics, and on Wednesdays, you’ll get the latest news that marketers need to know
    • News Update: Facebook users can now report a news story that they believe is fake

  • News Update: Google is rolling out a new service, YouTube TV
  • How to potentially use YouTube TV to grow your business
  • News Update: Snap stock was considered to be overvalued at the time of the first day of trading

Links & Resources

  • Last week, I created a couple of videos to explain best practices for Facebook live videos. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 below:

  • Get our FREE Video ROI Mini-Course here
  • Don’t forget to listen to Episode 67 to learn about Account Based vs. Inbound Marketing

We had Diarmaid Murtagh, who has acted in the History Channel’s “Vikings” and the movie, “Monumental Men,”  in the office to record some VO!

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Todd Hartley is the founder and CEO of WireBuzz. Before he got started in video marketing, Todd ran digital marketing for 7 of the largest national talk shows. Today, Todd is a respected expert in the digital marketing industry and is frequently invited to speak about video at marketing and technology conferences.