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Behind the Scenes of Todd’s Career in Talk Radio (Ep. 100)

by TODD HARTLEY, on Jul 5, 2017 1:11:00 AM


Before I was “the video guy,” I spent a number of years behind the mic in talk radio.

Those years taught me a lot about connecting with an audience and digging into a story to get to the heart of what really matters — both of which help me every day as a digital marketer.

My years in radio didn’t just pave the way for me to become a digital marketer, though. I also got to work alongside and learn from some of the top names in talk radio.

And none influenced my career more than Charles Goyette.

Charles was the host (and my partner-in-crime) for Arizona’s #1 talk show, where we would “boldly go where no other talk show had gone before.”

I’ve never met anyone who could peel back the layers of a developing story like Charles, which is why we were able to unravel five of the biggest scandals in the history of Arizona.

I want to pull back the curtain and give you a raw, honest look at my years working as an investigative reporter.

In this episode, Charles joins me as a special guest to take you behind the scenes of our dangerous days working together on Arizona’s #1 talk show.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Todd’s dangerous days working with Charles Goyette on Arizona’s #1 talk show in Arizona for 4 years
  • How Todd & Charles broke the story about Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s “potty cams”
  • What Todd and Charles uncovered in Florida while covering the 2000 Presidential Election
  • How Todd & Charles broke the news of who the new president would be 7 hours before CNN made the announcement
  • What kind of a role Todd & Charles played in deciding the location of the Arizona Cardinals’ new stadium
  • Brand new topics we’ll be covering on future episodes of the podcast

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Todd & Charles recording the podcast in the studio:

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