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Case Studies: 5 High - ROI Strategies For Your Next Event

by TODD HARTLEY, on Jul 19, 2017 1:24:00 AM


Are you getting everything you can out of your conferences?

After years of working with clients in tech, IT, and healthcare, we've learned a thing or two about squeezing extra value out of live events.

Every year the bar is set higher:

  • Fancier conference booths
  • Cooler “schwag”
  • Bigger & more exclusive events

Everyone’s relying on the same tactics, driving down profit margins and ROI.

For many businesses, conferences are one of the only opportunities to get face-time with new prospects. If that's you, then it's more even more critical that you approach conferences strategically.

Whether you're trying to:

  • Drive awareness
  • Generate leads
  • Educate prospects
  • Increase booth traffic
  • or Connect with key opinion leaders...

We've developed conference strategies that can help!

Below you'll discover 5 case studies from clients in the genetics industry, including examples to help you see how video can fuel success at your next event.

Case Study #1: Create Videos with Industry Experts During The Conference

Social Proof is HUGE.

Most industries have so much competition that buyers feel overwhelmed with all the options in front of them, and they're looking for someone to help them make the right buying decision.

Fortunately, you can help them feel confident with their choice.

Here's how...

Conferences tend to attract industry influencers and key thought leaders, which gives you the opportunity to schedule video shoots for testimonials, case studies and endorsements with these third party experts at the conference.

Sure, you can try to schedule shoots with each one independently, but it's unlikely to catch them outside of the conference because high achievers typically have busy schedules.

There's also fixed costs to consider...

When you attend conferences, everyone is at one venue (usually for a few days).

This means saving thousands of dollars by not having to travel to each business independently AND decreasing the number of shoot days required.

The result?

You walk away with multiple high-impact videos, featuring credible experts in the shortest amount of time.

This strategy is so valuable that we've executed on it dozens of times over the years, including for clients like Invitae.

We actually sent two video crews out to NSGC (National Society of Genetics Counselors) — one to film experts and testimonials on the exhibit hall floor, and another to produce high-quality interviews with industry leaders in a private room.

In the video below, you'll see a video we shot with Invitae's CEO, Randy Scott.

Case Study #2: Target Conference Attendees with YouTube Ads

One of THE most common challenges I hear from clients (especially in healthcare) is how difficult it is to "target" qualified prospects using paid ads.

However, it is possible with an effective YouTube retargeting campaign.

You can run targeted ads to highly-qualified prospects who attend particular conferences, and then serve additional ads to those same viewers for up to 540 days!

It's a simple and easy workaround for building your "retargeting list," without needing prospects to visit your website.

Plus, advertisers only pay when viewers watch at least 30 seconds of your ad, which we've seen average out to roughly ~$0.15/view.

This type of campaign will get you free brand exposure AND build you a targeted list of qualified prospects that you can serve ads to in the future.

We first saw this strategy executed by one of our healthcare clients who ran a video ad at ASCO (a popular event for oncologists).

They targeted a quarter-mile radius around the convention center, which ensures they hit a high percentage of target customers.

Sidenote: irrelevant viewers are unlikely to watch 30 seconds of your ad without skipping, so while there will be some leakage, the effect is limited by the technology.

After discovering this approach, we've continued improving upon it to drive qualified leads both during and after conference events for our clients.

Case Study #3: Deliver Your Message with an Automated Booth Video

These days, booth loop videos are becoming standard fare at conferences, but that doesn't mean you should overlook their value.

Much like a billboard or display ad, booth loop videos help communicate essential brand messages in short, easy-to-digest snippets.

But unlike a static banner, your booth video will naturally get more attention, because motion helps attract the eye.

You'll also notice attendees extending their gaze when a particular message resonates with them. Pay attention to those opportunities to strike up a conversation and gain insights into your customers.

NOTE: Booth videos are designed to be played without sound.

Case Study #4: Record Your Presentation to Share with Non-Attendees

While conferences are a great opportunity to move prospects closer to the sale, not everyone will show up for your big event.

Recognizing that only a small fraction of your prospects will actually attend, don't squander your opportunity to shine on stage!

Record your presentation for posterity and promote it when you return from the event.

In doing so, you'll demonstrate a higher level of thought leadership, and get more mileage out of your hard work.

The WireBuzz crew has extensive experience recording live presentations from multiple camera angles and with redundant audio. This protects you from risk and ensures you get a video you can share with pride.

Here's a speech we recorded for Young Survivor Coalition at their annual conference:


Case Study #5: Get More Prospects to Consume Your Newest Research Data

When you discover new research supporting your product, it should be a priority to get that information in front of your market.

Unfortunately, many businesses are still relying on white papers, research reports, and published studies to get the word out.

But do you honestly believe your target customers care enough about your solution to invest that kind of time and effort?

Maybe if they're ALL the way down your funnel and are simply validating their decision, they might read it.

Consider your own behavior: what percentage of ebooks and articles do you actually read? If you're like most people, less than 10%.

That's why WireBuzz frequently creates data-driven videos that summarize the latest research findings for our clients.

This gives you an opportunity to share the most important findings with your prospects, without asking them to read work.

In the video below, you'll see how we quickly summarized the key takeaways from Genomic Health's TailoRx Study...


Note: Keep in mind, about 10% of the population (yours truly included) are "analytical buyers," who actually prefer reading during the research process. So just because YOU might not like watching videos, doesn't mean your customers won't. Your best bet is to do both!

Ready to Level Up Your Conference Strategy?

Don't wait to put what you've learned into action! Schedule a meeting with your team to discuss ways you can stand out at your next event.

Hopefully, one of the case studies I shared helps inspire you or a team member with an idea that moves your business forward.

And if you want me and my team to design a custom strategy for your next conference, just a request a free consultation HERE


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