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Censorship, Bad Data, and the Future of Video in 2017 (ep. 57)

by TODD HARTLEY, on Jan 10, 2017 8:22:00 PM


The new year is bringing us lots of fascinating news in the worlds of tech and video marketing.

Already, we’re seeing a continued debate about the role of censorship by tech companies like Apple and Facebook.

Competition is causing social media giants to adopt questionable practices. And ranking on Google has become even more difficult than ever.

But there’s one thing that’s for sure: no matter where you look, video is going to be at the center of marketing, sales, and advertising, well into the future.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

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    • I’ll be in San Francisco for the 35th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference from January 9-12th
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    • The WireBuzz crew and I will be in Amsterdam for the European Cancer Conference Jan. 24 - 30th
  • News Update: Apple has removed apps by the New York Times in China at the request of their government
  • News Update: Facebook livestreaming reached a record high since it’s launch but didn’t provide the actual numbers when requested
  • News Update: Facebook now posts the top 10 videos of the week on their blog. You can take a look at the post here
  • News Update: a former Snapchat employee claims that the company has been faking growth numbers to boost its value in their IPO
  • News Update: Our very own Marcus Krieg and one of HubSpot’s HubStars, will be speaking at an Upcoming Phoenix HUG: January 17, 2017
  • News Update: Forbes asked top agency executives to share what businesses should invest in; their answer is video

Links & Resources

  • See Facebook’s top 10 live videos for the first week of 2017
  • Tweet me at @ToddHartley if you want to share your prediction about what will happen with the Snapchat lawsuit
  • If you want a personal video, directly from me to you, go ahead and follow me on Twitter
  • If you’d like to learn how to rank in Google in 2017, you’ll want to check out Marcus's HUG presentation. Click here to learn more about the event
  • Learn what kind of videos you should be making in for your business in 2017 by downloading my free Topics Selection Worksheet

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