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Forget Video Views — Here are 3 Metrics That Actually Matter

by MARCUS KRIEG, on Aug 1, 2016 2:42:00 AM


Want to know the biggest mistake marketers make when tracking video metrics?

It might surprise you, but...

Marketers (including many “gurus”) still fixate on view counts like it’s 2005.

But video analytics have come a long way since then and views don’t matter as much as you’d think.

I’m sure you’ve seen it, or had it happen to you: brands create flashy videos that get a lot of views, but no sales.

What gives?

As it turns out, the types of videos that get lots of views rarely make a business impact because selling and sharing almost always counteract one another.

Optimizing for views virtually guarantees that your videos won’t achieve their business objectives.

This is especially true in the B2B space.

Sure, you need eyeballs on your video for it to have an impact, but the number of views isn’t nearly as meaningful as getting the right people to watch your video and take action.

It’s time to look past view counts, and start using your video metrics to answer important questions like:

  • Are the right people watching your video?
  • How long are they watching it?
  • Is the video persuading them to take the next step?

Obviously, you’ll need to know more than your view count to get that information. And that’s why I’m showing you exactly what to look for when measuring the success of your online videos.

Take a look!


In this video, you’ll learn:

  • Why you shouldn’t focus on your view count
  • What metrics you should be looking at to evaluate the effectiveness of your video
  • How to optimize your video to make sure you get the most out of your data