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Promotion: What To Do After You Finish Your Video Project

by MARCUS KRIEG, on Oct 6, 2016 5:47:00 AM


You just finished creating a video...now what?

As you know, in order to get ROI on your video project, you need two things:

  1. A video with a high business impact (lead gen, selling, etc.)
  2. Exposure for that video

A powerful video that only one customer sees is not going to get you great results. But then again, neither will a viral video that doesn't convert viewers into customers.

At WireBuzz, we put a lot of emphasis on the strategy that goes into creating an effective video, from topic selection to scriptwriting and production.

But what about getting your video in front of potential customers?

Unfortunately, if you've waited until your video is complete to develop a strategy for actually using that video, it's probably too late.

So for This Week In Video Marketing, we're going to be talking about how to get your videos the exposure they need to get ROI. And that all begins with strategy.

7 Ways To Get Eyeballs On Your Video

Promoting your videos is actually very simple. There are only 7 ways to get your videos exposure:

  1. Post it on a highly-trafficked page on your website
  2. Add it to your email automation sequence
  3. Get your sales team to routinely share it with prospects
  4. Promote it with ads
  5. Share it regularly with your audience
  6. Optimize it to show up on YouTube
  7. Repurpose it on different media (Slideshare, Guest Posts, etc.)

The biggest mistake marketers make is not knowing in advance which of these 7 tactics they're going to use. And many of these tactics don't work unless you design the video for them.

Most marketers will post their videos on YouTube and social media, but that only solves the eyeballs problem if you have an audience on those platforms.

Ads can also be great opportunity because YouTube and Facebook video ads are extremely low-cost. However, you need to know you'll be using ads before you create your video if you want those ads to be effective.

But too often, businesses miss the biggest exposure opportunities, which include posting videos on their website, adding them to email automation, and getting your sales team to share them with prospects. If you don't already have a big audience, these are the most high-impact places to use your videos.

The final tactic is repurposing, which is a good way to increase your video's exposure, but it's time-intensive and the ROI is still fairly small unless you have an audience to help you with promoting that repurposed content.

So hopefully you're beginning to see how important it is that you develop a promotional strategy for your videos before you create them. 

To help you get started, Stronz made a couple videos this week that discuss video content strategy and some of the ways you can use your videos online to get more exposure and ROI.

Content Strategy: Why Your Video’s ROI Depends on It

Video Thumbnail


In this video, Stronz shares the 5 elements of a successful content strategy. If you miss even one, you're going to have a hard time generating ROI.

A plan for getting eyeballs on your video is just one of the 5 elements, but the others factor into your promotional opportunities as well.

Consider your video's quality, for example. You wouldn't create a low-budget video and then post it on your home page.

Similarly, it doesn't make sense to put product videos on YouTube and expect them to drive a ton of traffic.

In other words, you need to consider how you'll promote your video during the strategy process so you can design it specifically for that medium.

At WireBuzz, we design videos specifically for the medium you'll be using them in. An optimized Facebook video is going to look different from a video that's been optimized for YouTube or your website. The context is different, the calls-to-action are different, and the expectations of your viewers is different.

Watch the video to get all 5 elements of an effective video content strategy. And remember: you need to define each of them before you start creating your next video.

Where To Use Your Videos Online To Grow Your Business

Video Thumbnail


In order to create a promotional strategy for your videos, you need to know your options.

So in this video, Stronz shares several of the most effective places to promote your video online. But keep in mind that not every opportunity is right for every business.

Some of our clients can get immediate ROI simply by posting their videos to Facebook, because their audience is large enough to make that effective. However, if you only have 200 Facebook fans, that's not gonna cut it.

So remember that your promotional activities need to be based on where your audience is hanging out. Generally speaking, if you don't have a large audience or advertising budget, you should prioritizing videos that you can use in high-leverage places, which include:

  • On your website
  • In your email campaigns
  • In your sales emails

By focusing on videos that help you sell throughout the buying process, you're going to see ROI much more quickly. Then, as you grow and begin to build an audience, you can begin to rely more on platforms like YouTube and social media to get your videos in front of prospects.

Have questions about video promotion? Let us know the comments and we're happy to answer them for you!


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