Video Portfolio

  • Natera – Phlebotomy Instructions

    Many of Natera's labs were submitting bad tests because they weren't following the proper procedure. To make the instructions easier to understand, we produced this instructional video that goes through the test kit step by step. With the help of this video, they've experienced a significant decrease in bad test submissions.

  • OvaGene – 2015 Company Overview

    This company overview video was created for OvaGene to give them a compelling asset that describes their process and how patients benefit by using their tests. The video was created by combining the audio, footage from multiple interviews, and B-roll elements to increase the production value and make the video more visually interesting.

  • Decoding Annie Parker – Interview

    In partnership with the Arizona Oncology Foundation, WireBuzz interviewed Annie Parker to get an autobiographical look at her family’s experience with cancer and promote the movie, “Decoding Annie Parker”. Clips from the movie and family photos bring an emotional element to the interview to emphasize Annie’s message.

  • ElectroMedical – Welcome Video

    This video was created to welcome new employees to ElectroMedical Technologies. The company’s CEO, business operations manager, and IT director all talk about the values and goals of ElectroMedical. This footage is combined with graphics to set a positive tone for the work environment new employees can expect.

  • Airware – Investor Video

    To increase investor interest, we created this video for Airware Labs. CEO Jeffrey Rassas covers everything from benefits of their products to the global success of the company. Accompanying graphics help keep viewers interested in this potential investment opportunity.

  • Nektar – SABCS 2014 Presentation

    Video can be a great way to share information that is presented by industry leaders at national conferences. When Edith A. Perez, MD, gave her presentation on personalized medicine at SABCS 2014, WireBuzz was there to help Nektar capture it on video and share important ideas on omics-driven cancer medicine.

  • Invitae – ACMG 2015 Highlights

    Recorded during AMCG 2015, this video shows Invitae’s participation and leadership in the genetic and genomic industry. Invitae genetic counselors and other medical professionals recap some of the important highlights at the conference and talk about key innovations happening in the field.

  • YSC Summit – Kim Jewett

    Kim Jewett shares her experience with breast cancer at the YSC Summit. In addition to capturing an inspiring story about the struggles of fighting breast cancer, this is an excellent example of how video can carry the conference experience beyond the initial event.

  • Medtronic Testimonial – Dr. Peter Turk

    In this video, Dr. Peter Turk shares how Medtronic’s Plasma Blade has helped improve patient outcomes and enables him to perform more efficient mastectomies. His testimonial attests to the benefits of the Plasma Blade and educates potential customers on the ways this tool can benefit their practice.

  • Invitae Testimonial – Dr. Brian Vikstrom

    Invitae’s cost-effective, flexible genetic testing options help doctors deliver the best care for patients. This testimonial by Dr. Brian Vikstrom shows how community practices like his benefit from Invitae. In addition to Dr. Vikstrom's compelling story, this video includes text and graphics to reinforce some of his most powerful points.

  • WireBuzz Animation Reel

    Check out our reel of animation work. Animation videos are a great way to engage your audience with visually striking content that's fun, lively and memorable. Often times animation can help easily convey a difficult concept and many viewers find animation videos more watchable for an extended period of time.

  • Natera – Timing for Horizon Carrier Screening

    In this video, Barbara Pettersen, Clinical Director at Natera, discusses the right time to have a Horizon carrier screening. This video provides educational information for expecting mothers and answers some questions about having a carrier screening.

  • Baylor College of Medicine – BRCA Explanation

    We created this video for Baylor College of Medicine to explain how the BRCA gene can affect a woman's risk for cancer. Using interesting animation and voice over helps keep viewers engaged so that they can easily understand the complex information that is being delivered.

  • Emory – Neurology Overview

    This video was created to provide an overview of Emory's Neurological Gene Test. The videos targets physicians by openly discussing the problems with other labs and why their test is different from and better than the competition. It includes animation, B-roll, and a professional voiceover.

  • Natera – Explanation of the Billing Process

    To bring clarity to Natera patients, we created this video that explains their billing process. Animations and voice over help make this once confusing and intimidating explanation much easier to understand. A video like this is a great way to automate answers to frequently asked questions, saving time and closing sales faster.

  • Natera – Engineer Recruitment Video

    This video was produced for Natera, a genetics company that specializes in non-invasive prenatal testing. Natera needed a solution for attracting more engineers in a very competitive industry. To help meet their goals, our team produced a series of highly-targeted recruitment videos.

  • Redirect Health Animated Explainer

    When you're selling a complicated product, video is a great way to improve clarity and increase interest. Our client came to us with an innovative healthcare plan — one so innovative that it was difficult to explain to prospects. In turn, we created an animated hero video that does a lot more than merely explain the product.

  • Redirect Health — FAQ Video

    Videos are an excellent way to handle questions and objections from prospective customers. In this video, Co-Founders of Redirect Health answer a frequently asked question: "Will RDH eliminate Obamacare penalties for my employees?" The video is carried by a carefully designed script to ensure that the messaging concise, and jump-cuts between the tw…read more

  • Symmetry Software – Homepage Overview Video

    This overview video was designed to be used on Symmetry's home page to generate interest in their products and give potential customers an opportunity to learn more about what they do. Like many of our videos, it begins by identifying the painful problems payroll managers are faced with before explaining how they can help solve them.

  • Guardant Health – Validation Study Video

    Wish more people would read your product's validation studies? Then do what Guardant Health did in this video and deliver the information using video. When given a choice, people are 4x more likely to watch a video than read text.

  • AAA Membership Animated Explainer

    We produced this animated explainer video for AAA's Membership team to help drive new member acquisition around the country. Animated explainer videos are great for capturing and maintaining viewer's attention, which helps businesses communicate product messages in a more engaging way.

  • Genomic Health – DCIS Testimonial

    Our client relaunched a product after new studies indicated it served a larger population of women. This video informs physicians about how they can make better informed recommendations about cancer treatment because of this new finding.

  • History of BASIC Spine

    This video, designed for BASIC Spine, is a unique form of Explainer video. It explains the key differentiators of our client's brand. But what makes it unique is that the value propositions are infused into a larger narrative about the history of BASIC and their values.

  • Medtronic 2016 Patient Testimonial – Nicole

    This patient story was produced for Medtronic, the company that created PlasmaBlade, a surgical tool that helps women conserve their nipples during a mastectomy. The video features both the patient and her surgeon sharing the reasons why they chose a nipple-sparing mastectomy and includes B-roll to add visual variety and keep viewers engaged.

  • Flagstaff – VisitCool 30Sec “Art”

    With videos, you have mere seconds or to explain the value of your offer. We helped the Flagstaff Visitor Center do just that in this promotional video.

  • Natera – Panorama Overview

    We produced this Product Overview video for Natera to promote their Panorama Test for pregnant women. Because the window for educating women about this product is so short, we chose to use a unique animation style and professional voiceover to maximize attention spans and keep viewers watching to the end.

  • Guardant Health Testimonial – Teri, Summer, & Marc

    In this testimonial, 3 patients describe how the Guardant360 test has improved their cancer treatment by identifying genomic alterations in cancer cells. With supportive b-roll, they share how they can continue to live happily while managing their cancer.

  • Invitae – BRCA1 & BRCA2 Testimonial

    In this award-winning testimonial video, a patient with a family history of breast cancer shares her experience using a genetic test by Invitae to determine if she is BRCA2 positive. She and her mother share their story in a relatable way for many who may also be thinking about having this test.

  • Invitae – Family History Tool YouTube Ad

    This 30-second video was created for YouTube's TrueView ad format, which are the skippable pre-roll videos you see when you're on YouTube. This video was designed for genetic counselors and oncologists. We also created versions for Invitae's patient audience, as well as 15-second versions for different advertising formats.

  • ElectroMedical – History of Electrotherapy

    This video explains how electricity and medicine has been used over time. Animated graphics, voice-over, and humor are combined to capture and maintain attention throughout the 10 minute history lesson. Entertaining and informational, this video ends with a CTA that leads viewers to Electromedical's product, the Wellness Pro Plus.

  • AAA Recruitment Video – Kids Testimonial

    We wanted the video to be clickable, humorous, and heartfelt. By bringing the kids of real-life AAA Fleet drivers on screen, we were able to highlight what makes AAA different from your everyday towing company. This was designed to be shared and promoted on social media, as well as in email campaigns and job listings on the web.

  • Natera – 2016 Conference Highlights

    This video provides an exciting look at the progress Natera is making in genetic screening technology. It incorporates b-roll from Natera's lab, animation, and news footage about genetic testing. Most importantly, it features testimonials from genetic specialists and engineers, many of which were recorded during a conference.

  • Gamma Medica – Physician Testimonial

    This physicians testimonial was produced for Gamma Medica. It includes two interviews, animation, and supportive B-roll, making it one of our more highly-produced video testimonials. The purpose of this video is to share an authentic, unscripted review of the product to increase trust and credibility with our client's target customers.

  • Localeikki – Explainer Video

    In this Product Overview Video, Localeikki explains why someone would want to use their app, which helps its users discover new places to recreate outdoors. By using a sound-bite style of shooting, we were able to offer our client the the ability to stay tightly on-script while maintaining an authentic and conversational tone.

  • Invitae – ACMG 2016 Conference Booth Loop

    This video loop was created for Invitae's conference booth at ACMG 2016. The video outlines the facts and benefits of genetic testing. Because it was meant to be displayed in a conference hall, there is no sound. Instead, the loop combines visuals with text to help attendees clearly understand the significance of Invitae's testing technology.

  • Natera – Every Woman Commercial

    This commercial, created for Natera, encourages women to consider genetic screening before and during pregnancy. By featuring multiple actors that express the emotions and concerns mothers-to-be often have, this video shows how carrier and prenatal screening can benefit any family.

  • Emory Genetics: What Is Exome Sequencing?

    This video was created to teach physicians about the value of exome sequencing, a type of genetic test. Using animation and a professional voiceover, this video describes what exome sequencing is and some of the ways it benefits both patients and physicians.

  • 23andMe – CEO Interview

    We produced this CEO interview for 23andMe to help them share some breaking news in their industry. Like most of our interview videos, it includes B-roll and motion graphics to help tell the story and make the video more interesting.  

  • Sequenom – MaterniT21 Overview

    This video was created to provide an overview of MaterniT21, a non-invasive prenatal test targeting pregnant women. It includes animation, B-roll, professional voiceover, as well as soundbites from Sequenom's genetic counselors. By combining these different elements, we're able to add visual variety, which helps us increase attention span.

  • Provista Testimonial – Julie

    In this testimonial, Julie and her sons describe the difficulty of her undergoing regular biopsies and procedures because of her dense breasts. The Videssa Breast blood test made it much easier for her physician to make better recommendations, allowing her to enjoy more time with her family instead of worrying about test results.

  • Genomic Health – Outcome Data

    This video was created for Genomic Health to show breast cancer patients how asking for their Onchytype DX score can improve their breast cancer treatment plan. By combining medical data, voice-over, and easy-to-follow graphics, patients watching the animated video can easily digest information and feel comfortable asking for personalized care.

  • 22q – A Tiny Piece

    This video was created to help spread awareness about 22q. While it's about as common as Downs Syndrome, very few parents are aware of the condition and don't know what to look for. The video features several people who've been personally touched by 22q and provides an opportunity for them to share their stories and advice.

  • Medtronic 2016 Patient Testimonial – Kelly

    This patient story was produced for Medtronic, the company that created PlasmaBlade, a surgical tool that helps women conserve their nipples during a mastectomy. The video features both the patient and her surgeon sharing the reasons why they chose a nipple-sparing mastectomy and includes B-roll to add visual variety and keep viewers engaged.

  • BASIC Spine Patient Testimonial – Lee Harris

    After a debilitating golf injury, Lee turned to BASIC for treatment. Combining both physical therapy and surgery, Dr. Oh and the BASIC team were able to help Lee fully recover. This video combines b-roll and interviews with Lee, Dr. Oh, and Dr. Leach to show the diverse treatment methods that BASIC uses to help patients.

  • Airware 30 Sec. Spot – “Cyclist”

    This video was produced for Airware Labs to promote their AirSport product, which is a discreet nasal insert that improves athletic performance by helping wearer's breathe better. It includes animation, professional voiceover, and b-roll of a cyclist in action.

  • Dune Medical – Margin Probe Surgical Procedure Video

    In this video testimonial, Dr. Police explains how she uses Dune Medical's Margin Probe device to achieve a 4% re-excision rate. Please note that this video contains graphic surgical footage.

  • ElectroMedical – World Without Pain

    We created this video for ElectroMedical Technologies to build interest and demand for their product, an electrotherapy device that helps alleviate pain of all types. This video is designed to introduce people to the idea of being pain-free, but in a narrative form without using a sales pitch.

  • Scottsdale Healthcare – Dr. Janicek

    In this video, Dr. Mike F. Janicek, Medical Director of Gynecologic Oncology at the Scottsdale Healthcare Medcial Center, discusses what a woman should expect if she gets ovarian cancer. This is an example of a short Question & Answer style video that can be used online to build relationships and provide value to your target customers.

  • YSC Summit – 2015 Highlights

    This video was produced for the Young Survival Coalition, a non-profit that that focuses on helping younger women who are diagnosed with breast cancer. This particular video was shot in a boxed style and features B-roll and interview footage captured at their annual conference.

  • Provista – ProteoMark 3D Animation

    This video was created to provide an overview of ProteoMark, a new liquid biopsy technology that helps doctors identify circulating tumor cells in the blood. It includes 3D animation and professional voiceover to capture attention and accurately portray how the technology works.

  • Invitae – Family History Tool Tutorial

    This tutorial provides a streamlined explanation of how to use their product effectively. Unlike sales or marketing videos, this was not designed to sell a product, but to increase customer satisfaction and reduce support queries. Stylistically, this is a very simple video, with screen captures and voice over.

  • Invitae – 2014 Highlights

    The branding is for our client, Invitae, but the story is not about them. Rather, the video seeks to capture the feeling and excitement of being at the conference. Our goal for this video was to create something attendees would be delighted to receive and share, while reinforcing the relationships they built with our client at the event.

  • Invitae – Randy Scott

    In this video, Dr. Randy Scott, co-founder of Invitae, discusses the fact that genetic diseases are not rare. Each of us is carrying multiple genetic diseases, we just don't know which ones. This video was designed to build demand for Invitae's product, not necessarily to sell it directly -- a smart approach for your video strategy.

  • Localeikki – 30 Sec. Spot

    We created this video for Localeikki, an app for active travelers. This 30-second video ad is actually a re-cut of their explainer video, which was closer to 2 minutes in length. By trimming that video down to the bare essentials, we were able to efficiently provide a second video that could be used in a variety of video advertising formats.

  • BASIC Spine – YouTube Ad

    In this video, created for YouTube's advertising platform, BASIC explains their integrated approach to pain relief. In just 30 seconds, viewers get to see the many ways that BASIC Spine can help them with their medical needs.

  • Genomic Health – Dr. Lucia Presentation

    In this video, Dr. Lucia, a key opinion leader and doctor at Genomic Health, presents new information and research results, with his slides animated in post-production. This sample from the full video provides an example of what is possible.