A Team of Video

Marketing Experts

Producing and promoting videos that move the needle for your business isn’t easy.

And it’s not just the technical aspects of production (lighting, filming, and editing) that are complicated…

You also have to learn a new style of writing, master platforms like YouTube, find out how to promote your videos, and prove ROI to stakeholders within your business.

From writing the script to editing the final product, it takes a variety of specialized skills to produce world-class videos.

We Provide a Complete Solution

From developing your video strategy to promoting the final video, we begin every project with a strategy discussion, so that WireBuzz can become an extension of your team.

During these early discussions, we’ll help identify the types of videos that will achieve your business goals, including:

  • Generating more and higher-quality leads
  • Increasing your website’s conversion rate
  • And speeding up your sales process

These are just a few of the things video can help you achieve. But every business is different — what worked for someone else may not work for you. That’s why we always start with strategy.  


Next, you’ll be assigned a project manager, whether you’re producing a one-off video, or planning a major campaign. Our project managers will work to understand all the ins and outs of your business, beginning with your very first project.

From overseeing the scripting process, to scheduling and running the shoot, your project manager will orchestrate all the details of your campaign. That way, you don’t have to worry about who to talk to when you have a question or need help with your project.

In addition, our trained scriptwriters have a background in direct response marketing. So you know we’re not just writing something that sounds pretty — we write scripts that tap into your viewer’s emotions and move them to take action.

Video Production

Now while pre-production and strategy are critical to the success of your video, it’s our world-class production and animation team that really makes the magic happen.

They produce cinematic-quality videos that:

  • Keep your viewers engaged
  • Increase viewer comprehension
  • Take your viewers on an emotional journey

Because, as you know, people don’t buy products or services because of the benefits; they take action when you give them a glimpse of how those benefits will make them feel.


Once you have a completed video, we can either turn it over to your marketing team, or help you promote it. After all, the best video in the world won’t grow your business unless you can get the right people watching it.

To get your free consultation with our strategy team, just click below. A member of our team will reach out to schedule time to talk about your goals and how video can help you achieve them.

Not sure where to get started?


Meet the Team

Todd Hartley

In 2010, Todd created WireBuzz to help businesses amplify sales, reach marketing goals, and dominate the competition with video.

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Director, Strategy
Marcus Krieg

Marcus’s remarkable capacity to assimilate high-level concepts and technical detail has positioned him at the core of WireBuzz’s business.

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Director, Human Relations
Wendy Hartley

Wendy’s wisdom influences WireBuzz’s Principles: operate with high integrity, treat everyone with the utmost respect, and strive to exceed expectations.

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Director, Content Development
Jason Fair

As WireBuzz’s Director of Content Development, Jason’s role is to help clients achieve their business goals using tailor-made video marketing strategies.

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Senior Video Editor
Keith Bunish

As WireBuzz’s post-production supervisor, Keith makes sure every video project is delivered to our clients on-time. 

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Producer & Content Manager
Sarah Scott

Sarah’s passion to help our clients meet their goals and exceed their expectations positions her as the “glue” that holds some of our biggest projects together.

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Producer & Content Manager
Christina Romero

Christina’s natural creativity, strong writing skills, and extensive experience in advertising and marketing make her a great fit for WireBuzz’s content team.

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Copywriter & Inbound Marketer
Tim Alwell

Tim is a conversion copywriter who combines direct response marketing, persuasive messaging and sales psychology to write words that deliver results.

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Post-Production Supervisor
Chad Stafford

Chad’s passion for filming, animation, and storytelling make him a perfect fit as a video editor at WireBuzz.

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Marketing Content Manager
Jordan Herelle

As WireBuzz’s Marketing Content Manager, Jordan’s role is to help clients craft strategic marketing campaigns that drive ROI.

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Video Shooter/Editor
Devon Dresback

Devon’s expertise in directing, shooting and editing makes him an invaluable member of the WireBuzz team.

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TC Collins

As WireBuzz’s Controller, TC’s role is to make sure WireBuzz stays in the black.

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Senior Healthcare Marketing Strategist
Susan Bailey

As WireBuzz’s Senior Healthcare Marketing Strategist, Susan’s role is to help our clients translate their science and technology into effective marketing strategies and messaging.

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Alicia Longo

Alicia’s enthusiasm for video production and her bubbly personality make her a perfect fit for the producer role at WireBuzz. Our clients adore her.

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Director, Communications Strategy
Stephanie Ashe

Stephanie leads our communications division, bringing with her more than 25 years of in-house and consulting experience at life science companies of all sizes. 

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Communications R&D
Jon Ashe

With 20 years of medical, product and regulatory communications in biopharma, Jonathan brings a passion for research and writing to our WireBuzz clients.

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Killer of Productivity
Happy Hartley

Since he was just a puppy, Happy’s playful, affectionate and intelligent manner has made him the perfect Killer of Productivity.

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