Writing a killer YouTube video title is more important than you’d expect.


Because often, it’s your video’s only opportunity to make a first impression. Not only does it need to entice people to click, but it also helps YouTube understand what your video is all about.

In fact, writing a good title should take some research. You need to make sure the keywords you include are accurate for your video’s subject matter, and that people are actually using those keywords to find content like yours.

Even the organization of words and phrases in the title makes a difference in how well you rank, and ultimately how successful your video will be.

Seriously… it doesn’t matter how great your video is if the title doesn’t do its job.

So before you upload your next YouTube video, make sure you consider these 4 factors that affect the success of your title.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • Why titles are important to the ranking of your YouTube video
  • How to properly write titles for your YouTube videos
  • 4 factors to take into account when you’re coming up with a good title

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Todd Hartley is the founder and CEO of WireBuzz. Before he got started in video marketing, Todd ran digital marketing for 7 of the largest national talk shows. Today, Todd is a respected expert in the digital marketing industry and is frequently invited to speak about video at marketing and technology conferences.