Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 3.26.20 PMSince the company’s inception, Wendy has led WireBuzz’s accounts payable and HR departments. One of her first projects was helping to select the perfect business name and after 3 weeks and evaluating 3,000 names, it was clear to Wendy the name had to be “WireBuzz!”. With over 13 years of consulting on traditional and new media projects, Wendy is skilled at analyzing project details from conceptualization to activation. She can often be found conducting compelling interviews for clients in the fitness, health, nutrition, fashion, shopping and alternative medicine industries.

A LITTLE KNOWN FACT – In the early days of WireBuzz, when the team was working out of Todd & Wendy’s dinning room, each day Wendy would create for the team the most amazing gluten free lunches and yummy treats.  Since then, she is commonly referred to as WireBuzz’s Gluten Free Chef.

When Wendy isn’t working, she can be found in stillness on her yoga mat, pushing past you on her favorite hiking trail or discovering how the body works to heal itself.