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Social Media’s Maturity Moment of Truth Has Arrived (Ep. 145)

by Todd Hartley • April 10, 2018

The social media landscape is radically changing and marketers are scrambling to keep up with algorithm and privacy changes.

As marketers, many people have gotten used to automating and mass publishing content to their social media audiences, but it looks like the time for those tactics is over.

Gone are the days of mass tweeting, click-baiting and carpet bombing your audience with as much content as possible.

New changes usher in a day where social media marketers will need to fundamentally change the way they’ve been engaging with their audience.

So do we drop social media altogether and focus somewhere else? Is this mountain of changes scaleable, or are Facebook and Twitter trying to destroy your business?

The harsh reality is that marketers are going to have to grow up and learn how to engage and delight their audiences.

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How to Turn Your Website into Your Best Salesperson (Ep. 144)

by Todd Hartley • March 30, 2018

Nobody wants to talk to your salespeople. Well, maybe not nobody, but 88% of buyers don’t want to speak to a salesperson until they’re ready to make a purchase.

So what’s a company to do? You’ve got to sell somehow.

Enter, the internet. You’ve got a website, now it’s time to turn that website into your most valuable salesperson.

The internet has disrupted traditional sales systems, so it’s only logical that the internet should be how you queue up most of your sales.

When you consider the buyer’s journey and you provide ALL of the information people are looking for (yes, including pricing), your website can be the salesperson that delivers the most qualified leads to your human salespeople.

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How to Build a Smart Customer Journey to Sell Faster (Ep. 143)

by Todd Hartley • March 28, 2018

Wouldn’t it be great if your website was like the Autobahn that brought customers in and moved them quickly through the sales process?

A lot of websites work hard to tell the company’s story and present the benefits of the company’s product, front and center.

However, a really great site starts where the buyers are when they arrive. Here’s what we mean by that.

You need to prepare your potential customers for what’s on your website before they get there. That’s right, pre-framing.

Any message you put out there in every marketing and sales asset should function as a piece of the customer journey that moves them from resistance to a buyer.

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How to Create the Perfect Landing Page (Ep. 142)

by Todd Hartley • March 21, 2018

Do you know your target personas? If not, it’s probable that your marketing isn’t reaching who you think it should. And you know what that means? Wasted money.

Without personas, your web pages and landing pages will suffer and lack direction for the user.

Did you know that video is 4x more likely to be watched than a page is to be read? But it’s impossible to use video effectively if you don’t know who the video should be speaking to.

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Could Censorship be the Kiss of Death for Facebook? (Ep. 141)

by Todd Hartley • March 16, 2018

Nobody likes it when Big Brother shows up and censors them.

Remember when you could go online and basically say whatever you wanted without fear of being deleted…and then all of a sudden, Big Brother showed up.

One by one websites started censoring their users, stopping them from ever expressing opposing positions.

But users won’t stand for this kind of censoring for very long before they find another platform to use. It’s almost formulaic in nature when you see the rise and fall of major platforms. Users flock there for freedom and leave when the censors show up.

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How to Create an Inbound Organization with Dan Tyre (Ep. 140)

by Todd Hartley • March 9, 2018

So, you have an awesome product or service, but for some reason, customers aren’t flocking to you for it.

Maybe you feel like your marketing tactics are successful on paper, but they’re just not producing the results you need.

Your marketing and sales teams each have no idea what the other is doing, but you’re not sure how to align them.

Basically, you like the idea of being an inbound organization, but you don’t know how to execute the strategy. Or maybe you don’t even know what inbound is.

If this sounds like you, then you need to tune into this episode of Video Marketing Mastery.

In this episode, I interview Dan Tyre of Hubspot. Yes, THE Hubspot.

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Why Mapping Out Your Video Marketing Campaigns is Critical (Ep. 139)

by Todd Hartley • February 21, 2018

Most of the time, you don’t jump in your car and head on a vacation and then make all of the plans for your trip once you’re there, right?

If you want to have a successful and relaxing vacation, you make the majority of your plans ahead of time. You book the hotel, you choose what activities you want to do, you scope out restaurants, you plan.

Some of the most stressful vacations I’ve ever been on were not well planned and ended up costing me time and money. Why? Because we didn’t do our research to find out what the best and most affordable restaurants were and we had to figure out what to do once we were there – what a waste of time!

Creating effective marketing videos works much the same way. If you want your video to be successful, you have to know what the end goal will be and work backward.
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How Changes at Google, GoPro, and Instagram Impact Digital Marketers (Ep. 138)

by Todd Hartley • February 15, 2018

Ch-ch-ch-changes are all around us, especially those of us who are digital marketers. The nature of digital marketing is that it’s ever-changing and volatile.

If you want to survive as a business today you need to be on the cutting edge at all times, the cutting edge of your industry and the cutting edge when it comes to marketing tactics.

Unfortunately, most businesses just find something that works and run it into the ground.
The internet is a great example of businesses failing to adopt trends until it’s too late. Back in the early 90’s companies laughed at me when I told them they needed to get online, but now you literally can’t run a successful business without a strategic online presence.

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Facebook Algorithm Change 2018: What Businesses Need to Know (Ep. 137)

by Todd Hartley • February 6, 2018

Imagine this, you’re scrolling through your newsfeed on Facebook and you’re seeing nothing but ads and content from businesses. Frustrating, right?

When we use social networks, we don’t mind ads once in a while, but we really like to see what our friends and families are posting. Facebook knows this, and they’re changing the algorithm on all of us.

However, if you’re a business, it’s likely that you’ve been spending a lot of money to create great content and post it on Facebook to get it in front of your followers. Gone are the days where content alone will get you a lot of engagement.

Facebook is now a “pay-to-play” platform. In fact, creating great content for Facebook could now be a waste of your time without a corresponding ad campaign.

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How to Use Video to Set Up Your First Client Meeting (Ep. 136)

by Todd Hartley • January 17, 2018

Have you ever brought a buddy to a conference so you could avoid awkwardly introducing yourself to people? Why not use the same tactic to introduce yourself to potential clients before your first face-to-face meeting.

Only this time, your buddy is a video that positions you as the ‘guru’ their business has been desperately searching for. 

Let’s back up for a second. You need to understand that your prospects don’t read, they want things explained to them succinctly and visually.

If you want to get your message across to your target audience, traditional marketing methods just won’t work anymore. Only 18% of buyers are even willing to talk to a salesperson until they’re ready to buy.

So, how do you transfer the information from your salespeople (who they don’t want to talk to) into the heads of your prospects?

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