For this project, we created an explainer video for Localeikki, a mobile app for active traveller’s. When we began working with them, they didn’t have a video demonstrating the value of their app. So we set out to create something that explained the value of their product while infusing their origin story to personalize their brand. One of the things we loved about this project was that it was filmed entirely outdoors in Flagstaff, AZ.

To check out the final video, click HERE.

 BASIC Spine

WireBuzz began working with BASIC Spine in 2007, when they were first starting their business. Dr. Ty and his team saw such great results from that first project, that they brought us back again to produce more than 60 additional videos, including a unique explainer video, some highly-targeted video ads, and dozens of short content marketing-style videos designed to educate their target audience on YouTube.

Because one of their goals is to build a presence on YouTube and attract search traffic, we advised them to share new content on a consistent basis. To help them achieve that goal while protecting their time, we created up to a year’s worth of videos (assuming weekly posts) in just a couple days of filming.