Wendy Hartley WireBuzz

Wendy Hartley

Director, Human Relations

Everyday, Wendy applies learnings from her 19 years in the hospitality industry, particularly in Five Diamond-level hotels, to make WireBuzz a stronger team. Her  wisdom heavily influenced the creation of the WireBuzz Principles and Values: to operate with the highest integrity, to treat both employees and customers with utmost respect, and to always strive to exceed expectations.

Wendy is skilled at analyzing project details from conceptualization to activation, having consulted on traditional and new media projects. She conducts interviews for clients in the fitness, health, nutrition, fashion, shopping and alternative medicine sectors.

Although deeply involved in the development of the Breast Cancer Answers Campaign, it became very personal for her after her own diagnosis. Her passion to keep reaching those affected by the disease and sustain a remarkable 7 million views drove her to share her own story on video, which received over 75k views.

Wendy is truly the Heart and Soul of the company. Her insights in human leadership framed a nurturing work environment, cradling individual creativity while spurring synergistic team performance at WireBuzz.