Marcus Krieg WireBuzz

Marcus Krieg

Director, Strategy

Marcus is our Director of Strategy & Optimization. His remarkable capacity to assimilate high-level concepts, as well as technical detail, has positioned him at the core of WireBuzz’s business. He can remain focused on the “big picture” of our customer’s programs while executing on the various details needed to execute flawlessly.

An honors graduate from the University of Oregon, Marcus began his career as a sales manager in Portland before moving to Phoenix and immersing himself in the online marketing industry. He comprehends the nature of social media and the Internet marketing revolution, along with their underpinnings: SEO and conversion optimization, messaging and positioning, and ultimately the user experience. He is passionate about Persuasion Psychology, is an excellent writer/editor and is Google Adwords certified.

When he’s not working, Marcus spends his time lifting weights, playing basketball and reading.