A specialist in video editing and shooting, David Flores has a strong background in photography as well as cinematography.

While attending the University of Arizona, he headed the U of A ZonaZoo’s Media team, helping them grow intercollegiate athletic participation at an unprecedented rate.

His love for sports and visual media were perfectly matched when he began shooting pre and post-game content for the AZ Athletics for all their sports programs. This proved invaluable as the Athletics struggled to restructure their online presence on social media.

Since college, David’s skill and passion for exciting media has literally taken him around the world, working on a broad cadre of media projects. He handled content for some of the biggest subscriber bases online, for YouTube Conglomerates and worked on video campaigns for numerous corporate and private clients, such as Lenovo, Activision, Glidden Paint, and Sony.

With experience across the board, from live event shows to scripted narratives, David continually explores emerging technical trends and developments, integrating new skills into his portfolio of cutting edge digital media.