Amanda enjoys any opportunity to teach through her writing, and loves the challenge of staying on top of new ways that technology and the web impact people’s lives.

As a marketer and scriptwriter at WireBuzz, she has two core responsibilities: teaching the latest techniques and strategies for building successful video campaigns, and translating her knowledge into compelling scripts and videos for our clients.

An Arizona native, Amanda decided to follow her passion for the arts by pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Art’s degree at Arizona State University, where she graduated with honors. Amanda took an interdisciplinary approach to her education, combining photography, storytelling, and digital media in her creative practice.

After working for years as a photographer, Amanda sought to explore a different path that could satisfy her interests in writing, business, and emerging digital technology. This pursuit led her to WireBuzz, where her varied skills make her a valued member of the team.

In her free time, Amanda continues to work on personal photography projects and engages in Phoenix’s flourishing art community. When she’s not behind a camera, she probably out hiking with her dog, spending time with friends and family, or coming up with new ways to express her creativity.