YouTube vs Facebook Video: What Marketers Need To Know

by Marcus Krieg • October 27, 2016

Last week we explored the importance of customizing your videos for different platforms, but to do so effectively, you need to know how each platform differs.

And of all the platforms you could share videos on, the two most popular (by far) are YouTube and Facebook.

Fortunately, they also provide a perfect example of just how different two platforms can be.

The context couldn’t be more different; when people go to YouTube, they’re usually going there to do something specific. But on Facebook, people just scroll through the newsfeed until something catches their eye.

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, while your Facebook videos disappear from the newsfeed after a couple days.

YouTube doesn’t consider autoplays as “views,” whereas Facebook videos autoplay in the newsfeed (without sound) and record views after 3 seconds.

It’s difficult to imagine how these video platforms could be any more different.

And yet, most marketers continue to treat the platforms like they’re the same.

Find out why that’s a mistake This Week In Video Marketing!

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The Types of Videos That Perform Best on YouTube

The Types of Videos That Perform Best on YouTube (Ep. 34)

by Todd Hartley • August 2, 2016

Do you ever look at what’s trending on YouTube? If it’s not a video about breaking news, it’s probably a music video, or a new episode from a popular YouTube channel.

Basically, people want to be entertained. And YouTube knows how to deliver.

So if your business is thinking about making videos for YouTube, you may be wondering how to get started and stand out.

You should be making videos everyone wants to watch…right?

As it turns out, broadcasting doesn’t work for most businesses on YouTube — even if you come up with a great idea for an entertaining YouTube video, that kind of content probably won’t get people to to buy.

So what does work for businesses on YouTube?

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Forget Video Views — Here are 3 Metrics That Actually Matter

Forget Video Views — Here are 3 Metrics That Actually Matter

by Marcus Krieg • August 1, 2016

Want to know the biggest mistake marketers make when tracking video metrics?

It might surprise you, but…

Marketers (including many “gurus”) still fixate on view counts like it’s 2005.

But video analytics have come a long way since then and views don’t matter as much as you’d think.

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How Video Helps You Own the Conversation In Your Industry (Ep. 27)

by Todd Hartley • June 16, 2016

Are you the person that everyone in your circle turns to for answers? Are you ready to be a leader and own the conversation in your industry? If so, video is one of the best places to start!

You already know that video increases your exposure and helps you engage with your audience, but how should you approach a thought leadership strategy if your niche is already crowded with great video content?

Conversely, what should your strategy look like if competition is scarce?

That’s what our Director of Strategy, Marcus Krieg, and I will be discussing in this episode.

Whether you’re embarking on new territory or competing with well-established experts, we’ll show you how to use video to become a leading authority in your industry.

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Video Hosting: When To Use YouTube vs. Other Hosting Platforms

by Marcus Krieg • January 14, 2015

As a video marketing agency, one of the most common questions we hear is: should I be using YouTube?

And even when clients don’t ask, we always bring it up. It’s that important.

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

To help you tackle this complex issue, our CEO, Todd Hartley, invited me to join him on his weekly show This Week In Video Marketing.

In this episode, we’ll be discussing the various options you have for video hosting and when you should use each.

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