10 Quick Tips to Dominate Twitter at Your Next Conference

by Marcus Krieg • October 15, 2014

It sucks, doesn’t it?

You spend thousands of dollars bringing your company to a conference, only to get average (or below average) results.

In the past, this usually would happen to organizations that felt they needed to have a presence, but lacked the resources to really “go big.”

But today it seems that EVERY brand stands out, with flashy colors, elaborate booths, and cool conference “swag.”

Getting attention can be virtually impossible when everyone is using the same tactics. Walk into any exhibit hall today and you’ll find yourself bombarded with sound, color and motion. It’s an advertiser’s worst nightmare.

This conference booth “arms race” has driven up the cost of exhibiting at conferences for everyone. And with bigger budgets come greater expectations.

So how can event coordinators help their brand rise above the noise and stand out? Find out more…

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