How Video Helps You Own the Conversation In Your Industry (Ep. 27)

How Video Helps You Own The Conversation In Your Industry

Are you the person that everyone in your circle turns to for answers? Are you ready to be a leader and own the conversation in your industry? If so, video is one of the best places to start!

You already know that video increases your exposure and helps you engage with your audience, but how should you approach a thought leadership strategy if your niche is already crowded with great video content?

Conversely, what should your strategy look like if competition is scarce?

That’s what our Director of Strategy, Marcus Krieg, and I will be discussing in this episode.

Whether you’re embarking on new territory or competing with well-established experts, we’ll show you how to use video to become a leading authority in your industry.

Tune in to this episode of Video Marketing Mastery to find out more!

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