Why Even Good Writers Struggle with Video Scripts

How To Write and Edit a Video Script

by Marcus Krieg • September 19, 2016

Sure, video can be great for holding your audience’s attention. But only if it’s an engaging video.

We’ve all encountered videos where the talent has no personality and speaks like a robot. Not only are they boring, but you can barely follow along because their vocabulary is too robust and their sentences are complicated.

When a hard-to-follow video has clearly been scripted, the writer made a critical mistake…

They didn’t account for the vast differences between the way we write and the way we speak.

As listeners, we need clear, concise sentences that flow naturally. Scripting mistakes create “speed bumps” that give viewers an opportunity to click away. But a well-written script flows seamlessly and makes it easy to get lost in the story.

Scripts aren’t meant to be literary masterpieces; what reads well on paper (or a screen) rarely sounds good in a video. That’s why even seasoned writers struggle to write compelling video scripts.

So before you begin writing for video, find out the 4 biggest differences between copywriting and scriptwriting in this episode!

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