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Viewtopia 2016: How Salesforce Uses Video in their Content Strategy (Ep. 51)

by Todd Hartley • November 29, 2016

Coming up with an effective video strategy for your business is tricky.

First and foremost, everything you do should support your business goals. You’ll also need to consider things like your audience size, your buyer’s journey, and which traffic sources you want to focus on to get prospects through your sales funnel.

No two content strategies will ever look the same, but it helps to see examples of successful companies using video marketing to extend their reach and educate leads.

And who better to learn from than Salesforce?

At Viewtopia 2016, I sat down with Salesforce’s Sr. Manager of Social Media and Content, Marissa Kraines, and Director of Video Strategy, Victor Haseman, to talk about how they use video marketing to reach their business goals.

Even if your company isn’t as big as Salesforce, there’s plenty to learn from this conversation. We talked about everything from Snapchat ads to building thought leadership with video, so you’ll definitely want to tune in to this episode!

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