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YouTube Cards and Annotations: How to Drive Website Traffic

How To Drive Scalable Website Traffic Using YouTube

by Todd Hartley • September 7, 2016

Unless it’s for a blog post, we never encourage our clients to embed YouTube videos on their website.

Because YouTube is sneaky, and their biggest goal is to get people back to YouTube, and off the website the video is embeded on, so they can make money.

That’s why you’ll see In-Stream and InVideo overlay ads, and the video will end with suggested videos, often from your competitors.

That way, when your video is over, the viewer is encouraged to click on something else that will take them directly to YouTube.

From there, YouTube sucks them in, showing them lots of relevant videos, and working hard to get them to stay, to generate more and more ad revenue.

And by the time they’re finished, your viewer may have forgotten all about your website, never to return.

But YouTube isn’t totally selfish, it can also drive the highest quality website traffic of any social network on the internet.

It’s actually really great for driving quality traffic from YouTube to your website — if you set up your videos properly…

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