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Transform Your Facebook Friends Into Your Business's Referral Network

Transform Facebook Friends Into a Business Referral Network (Ep. 35)

by Todd Hartley • August 9, 2016

Whether you realize it or not, you probably already know your company’s biggest advocates.

They might be your childhood friend, a connection you made at an event, the relative you haven’t talk to in years, an old co-worker. Really, it could be anyone on your Facebook friends list.

Think about it — these people know you, trust you, and are willing to listen to what you have to say. You’ve already built a relationship with them, so it won’t take much to convince them that your business has a lot to offer.

The only thing that’s missing is relevancy. Sure, you write status updates about work and share posts from your business’s Facebook page, but those things can quickly get buried in your friends’ and followers’ News Feed.

So how do you deliver information that will stay at very top, so that people will notice you and remember the value that your business provides?

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