Sales Tools & Resources

  • Get Support For Your Sales Team to Close More Deals

    At WireBuzz, we’ve developed strategies and tools that enable your sales team to close more deals after initial sales calls using informative videos designed to close more deals.

    Research suggests that consumers and business owners are demanding more and more information before making purchases. Over 83% of buyers will review at least 3 pieces of content before making a decision.

    This presents a significant challenge for salespeople who need to close the deal right now. The odds of closing deals after initial sales pitches are very low. Scheduling a follow-up appointment can be incredibly difficult and even then you will most likely have to start from the beginning. This means that your salespeople will need to follow-up repeatedly with the same lukewarm leads.

  • Video Increases Sales Close Rates

    In this information age, you can bet that your prospects will be looking online for information about your product or service. The question is: will they find your content or someone else’s?

    By using video, you can own the conversation around your brand. Not only does video increases the odds that your content will get a first page search result, but it also leads to higher click-throughs. By dominating search results discussing your brand, you can further educate your prospects and close deals at a higher rate.

    WireBuzz incorporates video into our sales development strategies because it is simply the most persuasive and effective education medium. It caters to all major learning methods (auditory, visual, emotional) and works better for the 79% of people who don’t read content online.

  • FAQ Video Libraries

    One of the ways WireBuzz uses video to drive sales is through the use of Frequently Asked Question Video Libraries. FAQ video libraries serve sales goals in a variety of ways but the most important include:

    • Prospects are able to have their questions answered on your site.
    • Consumers are increasingly searching in question form, so your videos will show up when prospects perform research.
    • FAQ videos are inherently more persuasive and consumable than solely text-based information.
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  • Nurtured: An Automated Sales Follow-Up Tool

    While FAQ Libraries are great when your prospects are looking for information on their own, they aren’t idea to close deals if prospects aren’t proactively searching. This problem is why we designed Nurtured, a video follow-up tool designed to help your sales team close deals at a higher rate.

    Nurtured can be used after a sales meeting or conference to send follow-up videos to your prospects. After a sales meeting or conference, your sales rep can log into their encrypted Nurtured account, choose an email template and select which videos they’d like to send to a prospect. Within a minute, your sales rep has followed up with additional information that will help your prospects make a purchase decision.

    What’s more, the Nurtured tool helps you sort your leads into Hot, Warm and Cold buckets so your sales reps can follow up more efficiently. Learn more about Nurtured at