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Looking for some inspiration for your next video project?

Check out a few of our favorite videos from the past month.

In this post you’ll be introduced to three different video concepts we created for our clients in the health and wellness industry.

After watching each video, take a moment to read the description for each. You’ll discover what each video was designed to achieve and how we used different styles and formats to tell the most compelling story possible.

Who knows, maybe you’ll find the inspiration you’re looking for…

Invitae — Explainer Video

This is definitely one of my favorite WireBuzz videos ever. Our client, Invitae, is a genetic testing lab. As with all explainer videos, this video is designed to live prominently on their website. Explainer videos identify the biggest benefits of a product and are used to increase website conversion rates.

While their product is promoted to both patients and physicians, this video was specifically designed with health care providers in mind.

And just in case you’re wondering about the button at the end, Invitae wanted to use YouTube to host their video, so the button is only clickable when you watch it there.

Brain & Spine Institute of California — History of BASIC

This History of BASIC video was a fun project for us. Our client, the Brain & Spine Institute of California, didn’t want a traditional explainer video. Instead, we went a step further by explaining what they do in the context of their brand story.

As a result, their video is more authentic than most corporate overview videos, which tend to focus more on the product than the people. By providing both in one video, we were able to create a flexible asset that could be used in a variety of contexts. Custom end cards for YouTube

It’s also worth mentioning that this video was designed for BASIC’s YouTube channel, which is why you see the custom “outro” at the end of the video.

These outros are helpful for increasing the amount of time viewers stay on YouTube — an important YouTube SEO ranking factor.

Arizona Oncology Foundation — Decoding Annie Parker Promo

If you haven’t heard, Decoding Annie Parker is a new movie starring Samantha Morton, Aaron Paul, and Helen Hunt. The movie tells the true story of Annie Parker, a cancer survivor; and Mary-Claire King, the researcher who discovered the BRCA genetic mutation that causes hereditary breast and ovarian cancers.

In this video, we had the opportunity to interview the real Annie Parker shortly before the movie premiered. Our client, the Arizona Oncology Foundation, is a local non-profit that provides education and support services to anyone who has been touched by cancer. The goal for this video was to share Annie’s story and use it to help promote the movie.

As with the BASIC video, this was designed for the YouTube audience and has a custom end slate at the end, which is not clickable unless you’re on YouTube.

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Marcus Krieg

Director of Strategy at WireBuzz
Marcus is the Director of Strategy at WireBuzz. For more writing and video marketing tips, follow him on Facebook or Twitter.