About This Video

This tutorial video was created for Invitae’s Family History Tool app.

As with all tutorial videos, it provides a streamlined explanation of how to use their product effectively. Unlike sales or marketing videos, this was not designed to sell a product, but to increase customer satisfaction and reduce support queries.

Stylistically, this is a very simple video, with screen captures and voice over. Relatively quick and easy to create, but invaluable to Invitae’s customers.

How We Use Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos can serve a variety of functions, but the most common way we’ve seen them used is to teach our client’s customers how to use their products. Typically, you’d see this type of video in the support section of a website, with tutorials, how-tos, FAQs and product updates.

Stylistically, these videos can range from formal interviews (like the sample) to screen-captures with voice-over and everything in between.

WireBuzz can plan and produce Tutorial Videos for your business. Contact us to find out more.

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