About This Video

This 30-second video was created for YouTube’s TrueView ad format, which are the skippable pre-roll videos you see when you’re on YouTube.

We actually created several different TrueView videos for this advertising campaign. This video, in particular, was designed for genetic counselors and oncologists, which is why you see references to “your patient” throughout the video. We also created versions for Invitae’s patient audience, as well as 15-second versions for different advertising formats.

Whenever possible, we create specific videos for specific audiences to ensure high click-through and conversion rates.

How We Use TrueView Videos

A TrueView video is a highly targeted and affordable way to promote your offering to very specific segments on YouTube. You only pay when someone watches a full 30 seconds, plus you can effectively target viewers by demographics, including age, gender, zip code, interests and keywords.

This is a great way to drive relevant traffic to your landing pages.

WireBuzz can design and produce videos specifically for TrueView placement for your business. Contact us to find out more.

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