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  • Natera – Panorama Overview

    About This Video

    We produced this product overview video for Natera to promote their Panorama Test for pregnant women.

    To reduce costs and speed up the production process, we decided to create a motion graphic video to provide an overview of the Panorama Test. So instead of using on-screen talent, which would’ve required multiple days of filming and different actors, we designed this video to exclusively feature motion graphics and voice-over. This format also enables us to create multiple versions of the same video with only subtle changes for other languages. Ultimately, this decision allowed us to keep the costs down for our client.

    How We Use Product Overview Videos

    Product overview videos are a type of explainer video that provides a high-level explanation of a single product or service line.

    Product overview videos function as a high-value sales and marketing asset and tend to be tightly-scripted and may be shot in a variety of visual styles: from animations with voice-over to interview-style videos with B-roll. These videos can feature one or more people, and may also include a demonstration of the product or tour of the service being highlighted.

    WireBuzz can design and produce product overview videos for your business. Contact us to find out more.

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