About This Video:

We created this video for Localeikki, an app for active travelers.

This 30-second video ad is actually a re-cut of their explainer video, which was closer to 2 minutes in length. By trimming that video down to the bare essentials, we were able to efficiently provide a second video that could be used in a variety of video advertising formats.

How We Use Video Advertising:

Video is opening up a new world for online advertisers. With more ad-ready videos on the web than there are advertisers, video ad formats offer an incredible value to advertisers.

In addition to the fact that video ads are relatively inexpensive, they also have very high conversion rates, which makes sense when you think about it. When you click on a traditional ad, you’re looking at either 200 characters of text or a static image. Not a ton of information to go on.

But with videos, you have 15 seconds or more explain the value of your offer. So the traffic from video ads is much higher quality than from other ad formats.

WireBuzz can design and produce a video advertisements for your product too. Contact us to find out more.

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